Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Looking forward to coming home

This has been a long weekend. It was 85 degrees the first two days and I got sunburned. Monday was 60 and very windy. Strangely Monday was the best golf we played. With best-ball we played par.

Sunday night a major storm moved through the state and did lots of damage, but nicely didn't cause any problems here in Nashville, so we just slept a little late and plaed golf later in the morning on Monday than originally planned.

Now I'm ready to come home. Erin's ex-boyfriends dad died on Sunday and she's taking it pretty hard. This is my first experience with her and death, so I didn't know what to expect. Everyone reacts differently to death and I've seen a lot worse. At least it sounds like he passed peacefully.

The golf trip this year was a ton more fun than last year, and I'm already excited about coming again next year. I hope we do. Time for me to run back to the room and finish getting packed. When I left 30 minutes ago, the other 3 guys were sleeping.