Monday, March 06, 2006

Wind Power getting a bad rap. - Yellow light for a 'green' energy source

OK, this really ticks me off. It's not just a bad rap, it's downright stupid. Currently, windpower is probably the cleanest energy source that we have. Hydroelectric requires damns that change entire landscapes, Solar requires chemicals that are a pain in the ass and unfortunately it's still inefficient (I think Solar still has tons of potential). And then there's Wind Power. It has no byproduct, it requires a very small footprint on the land and the materials to create it are not hazardous.

So what is the bad part of wind power? It kills birds. I think our options are pretty clear, we either increase our use of wind power and save the environment, or we stop using windpower and increase our oil and coal usage and kill all birds, not just the ones stupid enough to fly into the blades.

Maybe there is something that can be done about the blades. I have no idea how it was decided the giant 3 or 4 blade turbines were best, Maybe smaller blades that are broader would work better, like the windmills from old farms? Maybe birds would be able to see these easier because they are broader and they would avoid it, but then again birds fly into buildings that are pretty darn big and die too, so you just never know.