Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Update

Well the weekend was very eventful. It started with a trip to Springfield on Saturday to buy my wedding ring. That went well. We were there for a while waiting for everything to get processed correctly, but that was the purpose of going, so I didn't mind. Erin has been trying to get me to buy a dog for a while. My biggest concern has been Jonas' allergies, but he seems to be doing pretty well around the dogs at his grandparents, so I'm starting to cave. I was planning on breaking the news to Erin at the mall while we were at the pet store, but it came out early, while we were on our way to lunch we drove past PetSmart and they had an adoption program going on. We slowed down and looked from the car, but all of the dogs were too big. I'm being very picky about the dog. It has to be a small dog because we have a small house, a small yard, and a small car. Plus a smaller dog will eat less and shed less, making it easier to clean up after it. All the dogs that we saw this weekend were Medium to Large and they were just too big. Ok, one dog wasn't too big, but it didn't feel right, and I want this dog to be perfect, we're going to have quite a few years with it. I also wanted to talk to Trish about the dog before getting it because of Jonas' allergies and let her know what I was thinking. We were shopping at Meijer when Alana called and said a big storm was coming, the dogs were acting weird and she was scared, so we hurried to check out and head to Lana's to pick her up and bring her home. Yikes!!! That was the worst storm I have ever driven in. It was crazy.

Sunday we still needed groceries and Lana was here, so we asked her to watch Jaden while we ran to the store. It was a normal grocery day, except, we bought baby food for Jaden. We were just planning on stocking up, but when he started fussing later in the day I talked Erin into starting him on baby food early. It was such a proud moment feeding him his first baby food.

Sunday night we picked Ady up and there was lightning all over. When we got home the TV was talking about some really bad storms coming, I'm glad we were home at least this time. We packed up the kids and headed to the basement. This was one of the biggest tornado storms I had ever seen (according to the tv). We were in the basement for about an hour before coming back upstairs. Because there was another storm coming wel pulled out the couch and let Ady sleep there. Erin was on the couch most of the night not able to sleep very well.

That just about covers it. There was a lot going on.