Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A tougher standard for Trucks in MPG

Bush, undoubtedly not a very environmentally friendly president, did something good for the environment when new fuel economy rules were issued to auto industry. By 2011 the largest SUVs are finally considered when figuring the averages for cars. I don't know the text for anything, but I worry about how exactly things read. How does Ethanol play into this? If it's miles per gallon of gasolline can it be argued that ethanol is not gasoline and not regulated by this same agreement? What will happen with Hydrogen fuel cells which will most likely have a different standard. Not that they will be in use by that time, but how will they be considered when figuring the miles for these monstrous vehicles? There are still some big steps to take. I think that the passenger vehicle could be held to a higher standard. I would love to see semi's and busses held to a better standard as well. I only drive 26,000 miles a year. A semi drives 150,000 or more and only gets 4 miles per gallon. C'mon let's make that one more efficient. I'll live with my stupid 29 MPG car for a while.