Thursday, March 09, 2006

She's growing up, FAST

Well, the potty training thing is pretty much conquered. She's been going consistently with only one accident a day at most. However, somehow overnight she seems to have turned into another person. We have been constantly having to remind her to go on the potty, but today, she got up, and took care of it all by herself. More importantly she got up all by herself. This is something new for her. Yes, she's two and half years old, and this is the first time that she's gotten herself out of bed. She normally just wakes up and cries for mommy to come and get her. Since we have a monitor on in her room we can hear it without a problem and one of us will go get her up. Today, she got up, came downstairs and walked into the bedroom. WOW!!! Less than a month ago I tried to coax her to get herself up by calling up the stairs to her, asking her to come down and get mommy, and she just sat up there crying. That is not an issue anymore. She got up herself after nap today, and even after she was put to bed she got up once and started on her way down the stairs. When she saw me she said, "Daddy, I'm up." I had to take her back to bed and tell her that she needed to sleep still, the sun wasn't up. Hopefully she doesn't start doing like Jonas and sitting in bed waiting for the sun to get up so she can come downstairs and say, "The Sun's up!!!"

What's next for her?