Thursday, March 30, 2006

Radical new wheel technology

Ok, I'm behind the news here about a year, but I received an email today with some pictures of this new wheel. I thought it was too hokey to believe, so I looked it up on the all powerful web. It's everywhere. The article that I show is from April 29, 2005. I don't know how I missed it, but this is the coolest thing. Plastic tires instead of Air filled rubber. Probably half of the calls to the motor club can be eliminated. I won't have to worry about the air pressure in my tires as often (and they do lose pressure). I won't ever have a blown tire, or worse a slashed tire. This is awesome. I can see this expanding t0 bicylces. Imagine not having to worry about blowing a tire while riding the bicycle. What kind of ramifications could this have on the Tour de France? Now I just need to know where I can get one. What? They aren't out yet. Let's go Michilen, get moving. I want one.

If you read the article the last 3 pages are a timeline of innovation for the tire. There's some interesting facts there.