Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm going golfing.

The last few years I've gone on a golfing trip with my brother and father and one other guy. We time our golf outing with the final four and opening day of baseball. It makes for a great guys weekend golfing and watching sports and drinking beer the rest of the time. I probably drink more beer during these few days than I do during the rest of the year.

Here it is 10 PM and in 6 hours or so we'll be in the van driving toNashville. I'm so excited that I don't think I'll get to sleep much tonight. At least I sleep pretty well in the van. I called the place we are staying to check on internet connectivity and they only have 56K dialup in the room, but the lobby has wireless connectivity, so I'll probably take my laptop down there and keep up to date with everything. I hope you all have as much this weekend as I plan to.