Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm getting a dog.

Erin has been after me now for a year to get a dog. It's been a lot of work telling her no because I've wanted one. It is extremely hard to say no to something when that is what you want. With the way things have worked out, we can afford a small dog now and we both want one.

I called Trish to let her know that I had been thinking about getting a dog and to see what she thought about it, since Jonas has allergies. She said that the dogs don't seem to bother him too much unless he has a cold, then he has more trouble breathing.

Part of my wanting a small dog is so that it would have less hair to shed and so it will not be to cramped in the house.

Erin looked extremely hard online and found a great website with lots of dogs for cheap/free from around the country. After several hours of looking for a dog we found one that we both really liked, I contacted the Rescue lady and she said that one was gone, but her two sisters were still both available. We looked again and found Patsy. I love this dog already, now I just need to ge her and rename her, because I hate the name Patsy.

So now, I have a 9 hour drive on Saturday, a 4 hour drive on Friday and a 4 hour drive on Sunday. The end result is that I get to have Jonas this weekend, and he gets to come with me to get our new dog. But I know I am going to be extremely tired when the weekend is over. I need a day off.