Thursday, March 09, 2006

Give me, give me, give me.

I'm greedy. It's been a while since I was able to really go nuts and buy things for myself. I really can't right now either, but we got our tax money back and it's going to help with the bills, so I want to spend to add right back to the bills. There's several things I've been wanting.

First, I have a great Timex watch that friggin rocks. It's the stopwatch, timer, alarm, shows the day of week and date as well as a heart rate monitor. I love to wear this watch and bought it because I was running a lot and wanted to keep track of my heart rate to try and force myself to run harder. Anyway, I want a new one that's also digital, I want it to have everything that this one has, but it doesn't need to have a heart rate monitor. My current watch is just too thick, it must be a quarter inch thick. I don't care how snazzy or fancy the new watch looks, but it has to be thinner. I'm kid free, well almost, I don't have Ady or Jonas this weekend, so we are going out shopping. We always do anyway. It's payday weekend and we don't have the two kids, so we always go out and buy basically 2 weeks worth of groceries, so the weekend that we do have the kids we only have to stop at the store for a few minutes.

Second, I want a laptop. I've been bringing my work laptop home and can sit and work, blog, or read the internet, on it anywhere in the house. I was even working on these posts tonight in the living room in front of American Idol. It's great. The best of 2 worlds, being with my family and never being away from a computer. I want one of my own so I can do things that are forbidden from work on it; I can't install and play with new toys, games are a no-no, things like that. I've been looking on the internet off and on for a week and I'm a bit shocked that the setups that I'm finding aren't very good for a small business looking for laptops. It's hard to find Windows XP Pro installed (which is a requirement for me), and 1 GB of RAM for less than $1,500. That's way too much money, so I'm still looking. I think about the $1,000 range will give me one that I can add to my credit card debt without having to take out a loan in return for a broken leg.

If I get the toys that I want this weekend I'll post a follow-up so I can brag to everyone.