Sunday, March 19, 2006

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

We got a new dog. It's not the one I linked to in my post the other day. Erin, Jonas, and I drove 4 and 1/2 hours to Bland Missouri to pick up our dog, and when we got there, the lady told us she gave the dog away yesterday. I was TICKED. Erin started crying. I mean, we had just planned our entire day around getting this dog and we spent a few weeks online looking for the one that we wanted. At least the lady had the decency of giving us our choice of any of the dogs for free, the only problem with that is that they were all bigger or more active than what we had planned on. After Erin calmed down and I stopping having steam come out of my ears I started to think about which of these dogs I could settle for. I don't really want to settle for a dog, because I've wanted one for so long, but I also didn't want to have lied to the children and taken the whole day to show up at home empty handed.

We evaluated 2 dogs, one named Cujo and one named Queen. Cujo was very active and wanted to run and run. Queen was very mellow and just wanted to be held. I kind of liked the cuddling more mellow dog, and Erin didn't want any dog, so she told me it was up to me. I thought real hard (insert thinking joke here) and I decided that we would take Queen home, but we could not keep the name Queen.

We had talked about names on the way down and were pretty well decided on Ayla, but after we picked up our pup we didn't feel that it fit. Our name conversation continued, and after probably 3 hours of discussing dog names, we finalized it with Scarlet. So now we have a puppy which we were told is half German Shepherd half Labrador Retreiver. And she does look like a German Shepherd, but she doesn't have the energy of either German Shepherd or Lab. All she does is sleep and lay, she doesn't seem to have the puppy energy of a normal dog.

I like her a lot and she's done great for the 8 hours of car rides she's had with us in the first 2 days, we'll see if maybe she gets more outgoing after she gets to know us. After all, she was in the rescue shelter for 3 months.