Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I just finished reading 1776. The book was excellent and covered great information. It was also put together well and flowed nicely. However, I was disapointed. I thought the book was going to cover the revolutionary war and the beginning of the country starting in 1776. Instead the opening of the book is at the end of 1775 and the book ends in January 1777 because those events were set up at the end of December 1776. Then the armies both took the rest of the winter off.

I wonder if David McCollough is working on 1777 now. If you love history and want to know some interesting information about George Washington, who is defnitely what this book is about, then this is a great book for you to read. However, don't get it if you want to know about the entire revolutionary war. I'm still looking for a good one in that category. I wouldn't be surprised if the author comes out with a George Washinton biography. He's already done a lot of the research for it, based on the 30 or so pages in his bibliography. I thought I had another chapter in the book when it ended, because there were so many pages left. I kind of laughed at myself when I saw that it was all just references.