Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm going golfing.

The last few years I've gone on a golfing trip with my brother and father and one other guy. We time our golf outing with the final four and opening day of baseball. It makes for a great guys weekend golfing and watching sports and drinking beer the rest of the time. I probably drink more beer during these few days than I do during the rest of the year.

Here it is 10 PM and in 6 hours or so we'll be in the van driving toNashville. I'm so excited that I don't think I'll get to sleep much tonight. At least I sleep pretty well in the van. I called the place we are staying to check on internet connectivity and they only have 56K dialup in the room, but the lobby has wireless connectivity, so I'll probably take my laptop down there and keep up to date with everything. I hope you all have as much this weekend as I plan to.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Radical new wheel technology

Ok, I'm behind the news here about a year, but I received an email today with some pictures of this new wheel. I thought it was too hokey to believe, so I looked it up on the all powerful web. It's everywhere. The article that I show is from April 29, 2005. I don't know how I missed it, but this is the coolest thing. Plastic tires instead of Air filled rubber. Probably half of the calls to the motor club can be eliminated. I won't have to worry about the air pressure in my tires as often (and they do lose pressure). I won't ever have a blown tire, or worse a slashed tire. This is awesome. I can see this expanding t0 bicylces. Imagine not having to worry about blowing a tire while riding the bicycle. What kind of ramifications could this have on the Tour de France? Now I just need to know where I can get one. What? They aren't out yet. Let's go Michilen, get moving. I want one.

If you read the article the last 3 pages are a timeline of innovation for the tire. There's some interesting facts there.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Air Hybrid engine

I was reading my normal blog entries, and the Green Car Congress caught my attention with an air hybrid engine. What it sounds like to me is that instead of using additional batteries for the hybrid funcionality there is compressed air that helps to make a slightly different kind of engine more fuel efficient. The most exciting thing is that the article claims double the fuel efficiency. I would love to get 60 MPG instead of my meager 30 MPG.

A tougher standard for Trucks in MPG

Bush, undoubtedly not a very environmentally friendly president, did something good for the environment when new fuel economy rules were issued to auto industry. By 2011 the largest SUVs are finally considered when figuring the averages for cars. I don't know the text for anything, but I worry about how exactly things read. How does Ethanol play into this? If it's miles per gallon of gasolline can it be argued that ethanol is not gasoline and not regulated by this same agreement? What will happen with Hydrogen fuel cells which will most likely have a different standard. Not that they will be in use by that time, but how will they be considered when figuring the miles for these monstrous vehicles? There are still some big steps to take. I think that the passenger vehicle could be held to a higher standard. I would love to see semi's and busses held to a better standard as well. I only drive 26,000 miles a year. A semi drives 150,000 or more and only gets 4 miles per gallon. C'mon let's make that one more efficient. I'll live with my stupid 29 MPG car for a while.

Just another Energy rant.

High Flying Hybrid

This was a great article. Can you imaging a cross between a blimp and a plane. Something that is faster than a truck but still uses less fuel than either the same number of trucks or a plane. I hope that this technology proves that it's worth the cost. A company should be able to ship a lot more than they can with this method than they can with trucks now. It not only has the potential for the immediate national energy savings that can be imagined from the reduced fuel consumption, but it could reduce the number of trucks on the road. Who wouldn't want to have less semis out there to deal with during rush hour traffic? Now if we can just make trains faster and more efficient we could reduce the trucks on the road even more.

Kids don't sleep enough

Sleep-Deprived Teens Paying Price - CBS News

This is an interesting article showing that kids don't get enough sleep. I think from there it carries over into the rest of life as well though. I don't think anyone that I work with gets more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep. I am usually up until midnight and my alarm goes off at 5:30 AM (I usually hit snooze once or twice though). I don't think it's entirely just a change in our bodies that starts at puberty. I think we are too busy wasting time with TV to be productive and get done the things that need to get done, which eats into our sleep time. I know personally that when I go to bed with the TV on that I can sit there and flip channels non-stop for close to an hour before turning it off and going to sleep, just because it's on. If it weren't on, I'd get close to another hour of sleep on a lot of nights.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I have felt so overwhelmed lately. Recently we had a restructure at work and with the changes I have been very stressed trying to make sure that I'm living up to the expectations that are set for me. It hasn't helped me any that the first task assigned to me close to 5 weeks ago is not complete yet. I can sit there and say it's not my fault, which it's not, but that doesn't make me feel any better about it. At least I have gotten some things done during that time and haven't been completely useless. But because of this I've had to stay late at work several times and haven't had a chance to keep up with things like I normally do. My home life has been packed too, and I don't see that it will change any time soon, there's just so much to do.

Tonight, after bedtime, I sat here and read through 86 blog entries to catch up on the things that I usually read. I was able to have a great family night, and I loved it.

Wedding invitations

Erin got the wedding invitations printed out today and we will be getting them into the mail within the next week so everyone will have plenty of time to plan and respond.

The items for the favors showed up today too, now Erin has the tedious task of putting the favors together for the wedding. At least she has enough time to get everything ready still.

We organized a list for the wedding this weekend. We are already getting very close to our budget, which is going to put a small damper on some of the things that we were discussing doing, but we definitely want to be able to pay for the food. I don't know who is helping out with what as far as family goes, so I plan on us having to buy everything else.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've been extremely busy lately, it's caused my blogging to go downhill. I was planning on having an interesting weekend and blogging about all the fun things that happened to me. It turns out that didn't happen, and my weekend wasn't very blog worthy. It was a normal part of my life kind of weekend, but things that are just interesting to you didn't happen.

I went to 3 kids birthday parties. Riley turned 3 and there were 8 kids between 5 months and 3 years old there. I've never had a panic attack before, but I think I almost had one. I felt very clausterphobic and just wanted to run. I have no idea how the party went or even what he got I pretty much blacked out.

The next party was for Joel who just turned 1 and whose birth Erin was part of. That was an interesting party there weren't many kids at this one, mostly adults. And it's never interesting watching a one year old open presents, they aren't very good with their fine motor skills and they really don't care what's inside, it's more for the parents than the kids.

The final party was for Kiera (I may have the spelling wrong). Her party started at the same time as Joel's so we missed the cake and Ice cream. We got there about 3 PM and it was time to open presents. This time, the parents did the opening and showed the box to Kiera, but more importantly showed the gift to everyone else. This went really quickly.

After the 3 birthday parties Ady went to stay with her Grandma for the night, which has now turned into two nights. I'm glad they were able to spend some time with her this weekend and that she was able to go to the parties. Now I need some sleep.

Friday, March 24, 2006

March Sadness

I have March Sadness, big time. I see that Cingular commercial and laugh, because my bracket is so completely screwed up that I now only have 1 more chance to win a game. Coming out of the sweet 16 I could at most win 3 games, but I was also already limited to 2 chances with the elite eight. Well Duke lost costing me one of my 3 from this round, but also one of my two from the next round.

My basketball bracket has more losses than wins marked.

I guess it's ok, because Baseball is only 1 more week away.

The wedding is coming

It's getting closer to our wedding every day. Last night Erin and I spent some time online finding little trinkets to put on the tables for our guests. We found some that weren't too expensive. I need to get a list together of everything that we have and don't have, plus costs, to make sure we aren't overspending our budget. I'm being as cheap as possible, but I may have more room left to work with than what I thought if I get all of the costs organized. I'm sure Erin would love it if I told her we have more money to spend.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jersey's have arrived

Woohoo, another item for our wedding has arrived. We got online a few weeks ago and ordered the White Sox jersey's we are going to wear for our wedding. We now have them in our possessoin and they fit pretty good. I'm really looking forward to this, it's going to be the most fun I've ever had at a wedding, not stuffy at all.

Now we have to figure out what we are doing for center pieces. We've been looking online at things for a while, but haven't worked it out. Since we are going to have to wait for anything that we get to ship, I think we need to make a decision pretty soon.


I just finished reading 1776. The book was excellent and covered great information. It was also put together well and flowed nicely. However, I was disapointed. I thought the book was going to cover the revolutionary war and the beginning of the country starting in 1776. Instead the opening of the book is at the end of 1775 and the book ends in January 1777 because those events were set up at the end of December 1776. Then the armies both took the rest of the winter off.

I wonder if David McCollough is working on 1777 now. If you love history and want to know some interesting information about George Washington, who is defnitely what this book is about, then this is a great book for you to read. However, don't get it if you want to know about the entire revolutionary war. I'm still looking for a good one in that category. I wouldn't be surprised if the author comes out with a George Washinton biography. He's already done a lot of the research for it, based on the 30 or so pages in his bibliography. I thought I had another chapter in the book when it ended, because there were so many pages left. I kind of laughed at myself when I saw that it was all just references.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Spring is here!!!

Happy springtime!

Today is the first day of spring. This is my second favorite season, the grass turns green again, trees bud then flower and bloom. Saturday on the way to get Scarlet (our new dog) there were Daffodills along the highway in St. Louis, they were a beautiful yellow against the green/brown grass lining the highway. Somewhat fitting is that we are supposed to get between 4 and 6 inches of snow tonight, giving us a great start to spring.

In case you were curious, my favorite season is baseball. It starts April 2nd this year and I'm very excited. Go White Sox!!!


I would like to thank my faithful readers. There aren't many of you, but thanks for stopping by. I see that like me, you all like to take the weekends off.

Last week I put some counter code into my blog that I found, because I was curious how many people were reading what I write, and I was somewhat disapointed. I thought I may be slightly more popular than I am.

But thanks for those that read. If you ever have questions or something you want to know about me, just post a comment and it may become a blog topic.

Scarlet at home

This post was supposed to have pictures in it, but blogger would not upload for me this morning before I had to leave for work. I'll try again tonight.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

We got a new dog. It's not the one I linked to in my post the other day. Erin, Jonas, and I drove 4 and 1/2 hours to Bland Missouri to pick up our dog, and when we got there, the lady told us she gave the dog away yesterday. I was TICKED. Erin started crying. I mean, we had just planned our entire day around getting this dog and we spent a few weeks online looking for the one that we wanted. At least the lady had the decency of giving us our choice of any of the dogs for free, the only problem with that is that they were all bigger or more active than what we had planned on. After Erin calmed down and I stopping having steam come out of my ears I started to think about which of these dogs I could settle for. I don't really want to settle for a dog, because I've wanted one for so long, but I also didn't want to have lied to the children and taken the whole day to show up at home empty handed.

We evaluated 2 dogs, one named Cujo and one named Queen. Cujo was very active and wanted to run and run. Queen was very mellow and just wanted to be held. I kind of liked the cuddling more mellow dog, and Erin didn't want any dog, so she told me it was up to me. I thought real hard (insert thinking joke here) and I decided that we would take Queen home, but we could not keep the name Queen.

We had talked about names on the way down and were pretty well decided on Ayla, but after we picked up our pup we didn't feel that it fit. Our name conversation continued, and after probably 3 hours of discussing dog names, we finalized it with Scarlet. So now we have a puppy which we were told is half German Shepherd half Labrador Retreiver. And she does look like a German Shepherd, but she doesn't have the energy of either German Shepherd or Lab. All she does is sleep and lay, she doesn't seem to have the puppy energy of a normal dog.

I like her a lot and she's done great for the 8 hours of car rides she's had with us in the first 2 days, we'll see if maybe she gets more outgoing after she gets to know us. After all, she was in the rescue shelter for 3 months.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I'm getting a dog.

Erin has been after me now for a year to get a dog. It's been a lot of work telling her no because I've wanted one. It is extremely hard to say no to something when that is what you want. With the way things have worked out, we can afford a small dog now and we both want one.

I called Trish to let her know that I had been thinking about getting a dog and to see what she thought about it, since Jonas has allergies. She said that the dogs don't seem to bother him too much unless he has a cold, then he has more trouble breathing.

Part of my wanting a small dog is so that it would have less hair to shed and so it will not be to cramped in the house.

Erin looked extremely hard online and found a great website with lots of dogs for cheap/free from around the country. After several hours of looking for a dog we found one that we both really liked, I contacted the Rescue lady and she said that one was gone, but her two sisters were still both available. We looked again and found Patsy. I love this dog already, now I just need to ge her and rename her, because I hate the name Patsy.

So now, I have a 9 hour drive on Saturday, a 4 hour drive on Friday and a 4 hour drive on Sunday. The end result is that I get to have Jonas this weekend, and he gets to come with me to get our new dog. But I know I am going to be extremely tired when the weekend is over. I need a day off.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Just say no

That's right, just say no to drugs, putting your kids on anti-biotics before the age of 1 appears to be linked to Asthma.

So if you have a choice, avoid drugs as long as possible.

Watch this.

I was going to buy a new watch the other day, but I remembered that I already had a really nice one in my dresser. I thought I'll just wear this one. It's a nice watch, so it doesn't always work for me, especially outside of work, but while I'm working it's great.

There appears to be a problem with the watch. The moving hands don't keep time. There's a digital readout at the bottom and it's correct, but the hands have fallen 3 hours behind in just 2 days. I just had the batteries changed in this watch over the summer, which was a lot more expensive than I would have liked. I've reset the hands again and I'll see what happens, but I may be back to searching for a watch. Hrm.. I do have a birthday coming up, maybe I'll wait.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Update

Well the weekend was very eventful. It started with a trip to Springfield on Saturday to buy my wedding ring. That went well. We were there for a while waiting for everything to get processed correctly, but that was the purpose of going, so I didn't mind. Erin has been trying to get me to buy a dog for a while. My biggest concern has been Jonas' allergies, but he seems to be doing pretty well around the dogs at his grandparents, so I'm starting to cave. I was planning on breaking the news to Erin at the mall while we were at the pet store, but it came out early, while we were on our way to lunch we drove past PetSmart and they had an adoption program going on. We slowed down and looked from the car, but all of the dogs were too big. I'm being very picky about the dog. It has to be a small dog because we have a small house, a small yard, and a small car. Plus a smaller dog will eat less and shed less, making it easier to clean up after it. All the dogs that we saw this weekend were Medium to Large and they were just too big. Ok, one dog wasn't too big, but it didn't feel right, and I want this dog to be perfect, we're going to have quite a few years with it. I also wanted to talk to Trish about the dog before getting it because of Jonas' allergies and let her know what I was thinking. We were shopping at Meijer when Alana called and said a big storm was coming, the dogs were acting weird and she was scared, so we hurried to check out and head to Lana's to pick her up and bring her home. Yikes!!! That was the worst storm I have ever driven in. It was crazy.

Sunday we still needed groceries and Lana was here, so we asked her to watch Jaden while we ran to the store. It was a normal grocery day, except, we bought baby food for Jaden. We were just planning on stocking up, but when he started fussing later in the day I talked Erin into starting him on baby food early. It was such a proud moment feeding him his first baby food.

Sunday night we picked Ady up and there was lightning all over. When we got home the TV was talking about some really bad storms coming, I'm glad we were home at least this time. We packed up the kids and headed to the basement. This was one of the biggest tornado storms I had ever seen (according to the tv). We were in the basement for about an hour before coming back upstairs. Because there was another storm coming wel pulled out the couch and let Ady sleep there. Erin was on the couch most of the night not able to sleep very well.

That just about covers it. There was a lot going on.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Laptop Search update

I have been lookig for a new laptop and have not even considered IBM because they were too expensive. Today I read about Lenovo's new ThinkPad Just $599. Wow. I love this. I have always liked IBM, their little joystick mouse pointer is the coolest thing in the world..... What? The removed it? NOOOOOO!!!!!! Well, now it's just a competitive laptop, but it is no longer the coolest thing in the world. I'll give it a fighting chance, but I don't know.. without the red joystick thing it just isn't the same.

Oh to be rich.

The Forbes Billionaire List has been released. There's a lot more rich people than there used to be and this is just the billionaire list. With almost 800 billionaires being a multi-millionaire won't even get you in the top 500 richest anymore. Now all I have to do is work on getting my piece of this pie. Only 1.1 billion to go and I'll be a billionaire.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

She's growing up, FAST

Well, the potty training thing is pretty much conquered. She's been going consistently with only one accident a day at most. However, somehow overnight she seems to have turned into another person. We have been constantly having to remind her to go on the potty, but today, she got up, and took care of it all by herself. More importantly she got up all by herself. This is something new for her. Yes, she's two and half years old, and this is the first time that she's gotten herself out of bed. She normally just wakes up and cries for mommy to come and get her. Since we have a monitor on in her room we can hear it without a problem and one of us will go get her up. Today, she got up, came downstairs and walked into the bedroom. WOW!!! Less than a month ago I tried to coax her to get herself up by calling up the stairs to her, asking her to come down and get mommy, and she just sat up there crying. That is not an issue anymore. She got up herself after nap today, and even after she was put to bed she got up once and started on her way down the stairs. When she saw me she said, "Daddy, I'm up." I had to take her back to bed and tell her that she needed to sleep still, the sun wasn't up. Hopefully she doesn't start doing like Jonas and sitting in bed waiting for the sun to get up so she can come downstairs and say, "The Sun's up!!!"

What's next for her?

Give me, give me, give me.

I'm greedy. It's been a while since I was able to really go nuts and buy things for myself. I really can't right now either, but we got our tax money back and it's going to help with the bills, so I want to spend to add right back to the bills. There's several things I've been wanting.

First, I have a great Timex watch that friggin rocks. It's the stopwatch, timer, alarm, shows the day of week and date as well as a heart rate monitor. I love to wear this watch and bought it because I was running a lot and wanted to keep track of my heart rate to try and force myself to run harder. Anyway, I want a new one that's also digital, I want it to have everything that this one has, but it doesn't need to have a heart rate monitor. My current watch is just too thick, it must be a quarter inch thick. I don't care how snazzy or fancy the new watch looks, but it has to be thinner. I'm kid free, well almost, I don't have Ady or Jonas this weekend, so we are going out shopping. We always do anyway. It's payday weekend and we don't have the two kids, so we always go out and buy basically 2 weeks worth of groceries, so the weekend that we do have the kids we only have to stop at the store for a few minutes.

Second, I want a laptop. I've been bringing my work laptop home and can sit and work, blog, or read the internet, on it anywhere in the house. I was even working on these posts tonight in the living room in front of American Idol. It's great. The best of 2 worlds, being with my family and never being away from a computer. I want one of my own so I can do things that are forbidden from work on it; I can't install and play with new toys, games are a no-no, things like that. I've been looking on the internet off and on for a week and I'm a bit shocked that the setups that I'm finding aren't very good for a small business looking for laptops. It's hard to find Windows XP Pro installed (which is a requirement for me), and 1 GB of RAM for less than $1,500. That's way too much money, so I'm still looking. I think about the $1,000 range will give me one that I can add to my credit card debt without having to take out a loan in return for a broken leg.

If I get the toys that I want this weekend I'll post a follow-up so I can brag to everyone.

Dr. Who???

Erin and I are talking last night and she says something strange. I respond with "it's like that's straight out of Dr. Who".

All of a sudden there's a blank stare. Nothing. It's almost as if all synapses have quit firing. Finally, "Is that a movie or something?"

Can you believe it, she has no idea what Dr. Who is? I am dumbfounded. I tell her it's been on tv for 20 years and she doesn't believe me. So we look it up on the internet (the great equalizer), this time I am right. We ues the internet to settle a lot of disagreements over facts about things that we think we know, most of the time I'm wrong.

I may not have been a Dr. Who fanatic growing up, but I just don't see how anyone can grow up and not see the doctor. I wish it was on all the time still, so my kids could experience the magic of Dr. Who and the Daleks.

One week to get smarter

I was floored when I read this article, Simple ways to make yourself far cleverer. I would be interested in knowing what they tested to verify the numbers, but being that I always want to be smarter I'm open to try some of the suggestions. I like these suggestions better than some other books that I've read about memory, they are generally about how to memorize things more easily, this is about opening the mind to creativity. Creativity is kind of a hobby of mine and although it doesn't come through very well in my blog, I love being creative and coming up with twists on things. Mostly these come out as puns that are situational so the stories don't translate well to a post, but when they do, I love to put them out here. I think I'm going to try some of these and see if my blog gets better.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A lot of help a little too late.

I received an email today from Pull-Ups, because, hey I'm a dad and I want coupons, so I signed up. Today's topic is nothing more than the Potty Training Success Guide I went through a most of their site and it has a lot of good information. I wish they sent me this several months ago. Heck, I wish I was smart enough to think that Huggies would offer something like this. If you are potty training your kids, or plan to be in the future, you may want to check out the Potty Training Success Guide.

IBM To Move All Solutions Development Operations To India

Reading Information week today I read that IBM Will Move All Solutions Development Operations To India. As a software developer, yikes. I know I don't work for IBM, so I'm safe and I don't even work much on the platform that they use, but this is still scary.

This whole offshoring thing is a giant snowball. There are a lot of major US companies that are spending a ton of money in India instead of in the US. That's bad for the US economy. The companies are saying it's better for their bottom line and investors, and they are probably right, but their employees are generally also investors, so as an investor it's better for them, but worse as an employee. I know I'd be pissed if I was told I was losing my job, but I shoudl be grateful, I'll be able to sell my stock for a 50 cent gain. The worst thing though is that as these companies spend more and more money in India, there will also be more turnover, which will essentially cycle through training more people. If there are more people trained, then there are more "skilled" employees for other companies to tap. This 200 million from IBM will save someone else 10 million of their own money in developing talent in India, the just have to tap it by offering a competitive salary by India's standards.

I like the idea of companies leveraging local talents from around the world to get a better feel for different regions and to be able to utilize different perspectives, but I don't like it when a company puts all their eggs in one basket, whether it's the US or India.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Remote signatures

I read a story today at Wired News about Remote Signatures. This allows an author or someone to write with a special pen in their house and thousands of miles away another device signs the same thing on whatever needs to be signed. Now instead of needing to pay for a celebreties travel, one would only have to pay for the device to be there and the celbreties time. It may be something that becomes cheaper and would definitely be less intrusive on famous people. I think it's really cool to be able to get an autograph from someone, but part of that is also that you get to meet them. I don't know how I would feel just getting a book signed by a robotic arm. I probably wouldn't like it. I definitely wouldn't stand in line for it. I don't know where it could be useful and it does open up the possibility of forgery. Potentially someone could intercept the signature signal and copy it, then they could remotely sign anything as someone that they are not. How binding would that be legally? It would most likely still be forgery.

Wind Power getting a bad rap. - Yellow light for a 'green' energy source

OK, this really ticks me off. It's not just a bad rap, it's downright stupid. Currently, windpower is probably the cleanest energy source that we have. Hydroelectric requires damns that change entire landscapes, Solar requires chemicals that are a pain in the ass and unfortunately it's still inefficient (I think Solar still has tons of potential). And then there's Wind Power. It has no byproduct, it requires a very small footprint on the land and the materials to create it are not hazardous.

So what is the bad part of wind power? It kills birds. I think our options are pretty clear, we either increase our use of wind power and save the environment, or we stop using windpower and increase our oil and coal usage and kill all birds, not just the ones stupid enough to fly into the blades.

Maybe there is something that can be done about the blades. I have no idea how it was decided the giant 3 or 4 blade turbines were best, Maybe smaller blades that are broader would work better, like the windmills from old farms? Maybe birds would be able to see these easier because they are broader and they would avoid it, but then again birds fly into buildings that are pretty darn big and die too, so you just never know.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Missing Bryan White

I was sitting here today listening to music and I noticed my Bryan White CD in my collection. I hadn't heard it in a long time, then I started to think about Bryan White, and I hadn't heard about him in a long time either. I wonder what ever happened to him? Well apparently he kind of dropped off the face of the earth. I learned a lot about him at his official website and reading this biography of Bryan White was really informative. However, if you look at his tour, you can see that he's not much of a draw at the moment. I remember going to see him at Eastern Illinois University. He was fresh and hadn't even hit it big yet, as the opening act for Diamond Rio (also pre ginormasism) he played a guitar and sang without a band. I liked him enough that I went out and bought his album, which later went platinum. I miss him, I always kind of identified with him, probably because we were close to the same age and I always thought that it could be me up there. That is, if I could play an instrument, sing, or write songs, but the age being close always helped.

Wedding update

I'm getting more and more excited about my upcoming wedding. I've had some strang looks when I start telling people that we are going to have a baseball wedding. It's rare that the reaction is like I got from my boss when I was telling him about it on Friday. He thought it was a pretty cool idea and liked the idea all the way from the jerseys to the food.

We're not the only ones with a different wedding though. I'd much rather have the kind of wedding where since we are doing something different, we don't confuse it with too much of the traditional wedding. I read a story today about a couple that get's married at McDonalds.

How do you say I do wearing a formal gown and tux at McDonalds? I wonder if they were able to rent out the party room for 20$ and get a cake too?

Ma Bell is coming back together.

AT&T to buy BellSouth in $65B deal - Business -

So much for splitting up the original AT & T. I don't know what SBC is really thinking here. In my opinion SBC had a better image than AT&T which was known for shoddy support and poor customer service. So what happens, SBC changes it's name for name recognition. I don't know if it was worth it. I personally felt more comfortable with it being SBC. I like being served by SBC, I do have Cingular wireless, which is now, AT&T. Most likely the good thing for me is that it will expand my free calls to anyone with AT&T wireless. However, out of everyone I know they either have Nextel, Verizon wireless or Cingular already. I find it extremely strange that nobody that I knew had AT&T wireless. I don't understand how the Bells that were forced to split are allowed to combine back up. GTE and Atlantic Bell did it to form Verizon, now within a year SBC has swallowed up 2 others. Doesn't this put create the same lack of competition that existed prior to the breakup? I can see allowing them to expand their service to compete in other markets to offer more competition, but I don't see how allowing them to merge is beneficial to competition.

I bet in the next year there's going to be an announcement for about 50,000 people being let go from the company. Those people that used to do the job before just aren't needed anymore. There's definitely a lot about the financial markets of this country that I don't get. I completely understand how this will allow the larger company to streamline operations and provide the same service for less money, thus allowing the company to earn more and making shareholders happy, but it's going to be very bad for about 50,000 employees. How does the economy absorb that kind of a glutton of unemployed people? When companies keep combining and laying off people, where do those unemployed go? I'm not talking about some socialist organization stepping in, I just want to understand how the economy keeps absorbing them. There aren't that many places that are hiring people. It's not like the 50,000 just spread out around the country and find jobs somewhere else, it's going to be more localized than that. Well, at the least some of them could probably join some kind of construction union and go bust their ass in Louisiana, it's going to be busy for about the next 4 years getting things back into pre-Katrina state. Then they can keep busy by being seasonal construction workers in Alabama and Florida. Those places are always getting hammered by hurricanes.