Friday, February 03, 2006

The weather

I know, everyone talks about the weather and it's considered boring usually, but the weather man said something this morning that really ticks me off. I don't know why, but it gets to me.

"The next several days will have a high in the upper 30's with today's high being 38. It's currently 38..." I don't know why, but it gets to me when at 6:30 AM the weather man says that it is alreayd today's high. That makes the high completely irrelevant for the day. Why don't they say something like, "It's currently as warm as it's going to get and you can expect the temperature to drop to the 20's by x"? This would at least give people an idea of what to actually expect from the weather.

And while I'm ranting on weather men. Another one that really gets under my skin is "Toay's high is 38, it's currently 41". Hello!!! When it's 41, change the high for today to be 41. Or at least say the estimated high today was 38, but we've exceeded it. I think they sound stupid saying what the high is and then saying we've past it.