Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My life is pretty good

I received an anonymous comment the other day "All valid complaints. However, you must keep in mind... if these are the only complaints you have than life if pretty good! I do enjoy reading your brief moments in the days of your life!!!"

Thanks for the comment. I love reading all of the comments that I get. I love reading everything. I use both Bloglines and Newsgator as RSS readers to organize the about 50 different blogs that I read daily. Not to mention the magazines, news sites, and books that I work on reading as well.

Sorry, I'm off topic, and I could delete it, but I still wanted to say it. The point of this blog is that my life is pretty good. I was talking with someone at work today and he was telling me about how stable he was as a teen, but then he had a midlife crisis and went kind of wild. He didn't think that I'd go through anything like that. I've had a pretty stable life, with the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through, but even with my hardest times, I don't think I ever had it terribly. I have had a pretty stable life. I have worked hard through school and at all of my jobs and I have a good reputation as a hard worker and I'm pretty smart. I have a good job as a computer programmer that I love and I even really like the company that I work for. All in all I'm pretty blessed with things and I do have a good life. That's why my complaints are about little tiny petty things. I'll keep blogging, you keep leaving me comments. Let me know what you do and don't like, heck it may even make me change what I blog about.