Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jaden is Healthy!!!

After 11 and 1/2 weeks of stress, we finally have the test results. Everything is normal. Everything looks good and there are NO abnormalities at all.

The primary doctor is out of the office today, so we still have to wake him up to feed him until we have the final ok to just let him go, but Jaden is healthy!!

The results were a scary process. Jaden will forever have a circular scar on his arm from the biopsy performed November 14th. We were told at that time that results are typically back in 8 weeks and occasionally are done earlier. We never heard anything from the doctor's office unless we called pressing. We have made several calls and were still told that they didn't know. We called last Wednesday and the lady that Erin talked to told her that we weren't promised 8 weeks. That may be, but they should still be more proactive in letting us know that they are checking for us and they don't have results. This may not have been quite as trying if we would have had more communication coming from them. Today when Erin called she talked to Rich. He's a really friendly genetic counsellor at the office, but he also was not being proactive with communicating with us. He called to check on the results from Mayo and they told him that they were done a week and a half ago. "Why then did we not hear last week when we called?". We finally waited an additional hour and the results were faxed to him and he called.

I've been praying daily to the Lord to protect Jaden. Today I'm giving him all of my thanks.