Saturday, February 18, 2006

Curious George

Tonight Erin and I took Jonas to see Curious George. Between the cost of the movie, popcorn and pop we spent $30 (a bit high to entertain a 4 year old), but this movie was worth it. Both Erin and I laughed a lot. And Jonas really had a good time. There's almost nothing better than the sound of a child laughing. I was surprised, with this being just the second weekend with the fact that there were 4 groups for a total of 12 people at the movie. If you have kids and haven't seen it, this is one that's worth seeing. The music was great! It was an original score from someone that's not overly popular, so it was very fresh. And some of the things that are funny seem like they may be more funny because they are on the big screen and show Curious George projected larger than life. We'll definitely be looking to buy this movie when it's released on DVD.