Friday, February 03, 2006

Complaining day

Ok, I may as well just get out the rest of my complaints, because it seems like I have them all today.

1. My shoe laces are too long. I bought a brand new pair of Champion Shoes from Target and the laces even when double knotted have the loop and the dangly both hitting the ground. These are the laces that were provided with the shoes. It's not like I accidentally bought the wrong length laces. At least if I ever need to rappel down a building I could do it with my shoe laces.

2. Is it just me or do most of you hate calling a number for support and hearing "Thank you for calling (company). [pause] Hablo Espanol (blah, blah, blah I'm not sure how to say blah in Spanish) [pause, pause, pause] For questions about billing press 1." Why do I have to wait 2 minutes before I know what the first menu option is? What is the ratio of Spanish to English speaking people in this country anyway? Does Spanish come first because most of their call-in complaints are from Spanish speaking people? And if it's that big of a deal, why don't these places just put a Spanish 800 number on the bill for them to call?

3. I have way too many logins and passwords. I have about 12 different logins and 6 different passwords. I do a pretty good job of keeping the password count down, but I'm also worried that if someone ever figures out my main password they could access about 40 different things as me. My only real reassuring thought with this is that my most precious accounts each have a different password, making it harder for someone to figure out all of them. How many accounts and passwords does everyone else have?