Friday, February 03, 2006

Ady's prayer

Ady has been leading us in prayer at dinner time. We have chosen to take a modified version of the prayer that she learned when she was going to daycare. Our nightly prayer is "God is Great. God is Good. Let us Thank Him for our food. Amen." It's a pretty simple little prayer that I feel does justice. I usually stop and say a silent prayer for additional strength and thanks.

Ady likes to lead the prayer so we will fold our hands and sit silently while she says "God is Great. God is Great. God is Great. God is Great. God is Great", then she'll stop until we prompt her with "Let us Thank him for our food. Amen"

Jonas also likes to lead the prayer when he is with us, and not too long ago he flubbed the prayer slightly to say "Let Him thank us for our food." We let it go the first meal, but the next meal he also said the same thing. He's gotten it right since we corrected him, but it still gives us a laugh every now and then.