Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ady potty training

Ady has been working on potty training for about two weeks now. From the get-go she's doing pretty well. Potty training is not something that I'm very good at as a dad, and I'm worse with Ady than I was with Jonas. I think boys are easier. When Jonas had to pee, he started grabbing his thing to stop himself and I just told him that it meant he had to pee and off we went running for the bathroom. I don't see the pee dance with Ady. She'll just be sitting or running and then wham-o pee. Like I said, she does awesome. She only has one accident most days (not counting that she doesn't like to poop in the toilet). But almost all trips to the bathroom are prompted by random questions of me and Erin for her to go on the potty. It's pretty much a given if it's been about 45 minutes and we ask, she'll go. You can see from her sticker chart the success for just 2 weeks. Lots of good things here. I am slightly worried that Erin seems to have promised her everything for the next 10 years as soon as she's potty trained. Hopefully the girls don't hold me to getting it as soon as she's had one good day. I do want to continue rewarding her for having those good days though, so I'll need to work on creative rewards. I don't have many readers, but if anyone has suggestions, I'm open to cheap (let me stress cheap, it's my adopted middle name) things that I can use to reward Ady. I probably need to reward Erin too, she's the one that does all the hard work. I just have to go play with my computer all day, she has to raise the kids. Posted by Picasa