Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ady at bedtime

Tonight Erin called me to ask me to bring her some things. The only strange thing, is that she was upstairs giving Ady a bath, and I was downstairs writing on my blog.

The point of this post was not about the strange phone call, but Ady's bedtime routine. We have been having a lot of trouble getting Ady to bed lately. Anytime during the day that the word bed is even mentioned she yells no and gets upset. Bedtime has been very hard lately with last night being probably the worst. Ady cried for over an hour last night. Nothing would console her. I went up and rubbed on her back for a while and thought she was asleep, but when I tried to sneak out she started balling again. Erin and I both ran to our computers (me my work laptop and Erin the main computer) to search for help on getting her to bed. She found a great site that listed 4 different kinds of fits at bedtime and one of them we both thought felt like it described Ady's fits. Basically, we think that she's being overstimulated and not able to shut her body down in order to go to sleep quietly. Tonight is the first night of her new bedtime routine. We had her sit down with us for 15 minutes or so doing nothing other than relaxing and watching American Idol, then we (Erin) gave her a bath (during which the phone call took place). She cried for a few minutes between the bath and bed, but she then quieted down and went to sleep really quickly, it was great.