Tuesday, February 28, 2006

There were 2 in the bed and the little one said

Roll over, Roll over.

Woohoo!!!! Jaden finally rolled over. Today he's 4 months old, yesterday he rolled over from his belly to his back. Now it's time to start crawling.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I know an old lady who lived in a shoe

It's never too late, a 62 year old lady had a son.

She has grand children and great grandchildren. How strange is that? That's my great uncle, he's younger than me by 8 years.

I guess you don't have to stop at 40 ladies.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Curious George

Tonight Erin and I took Jonas to see Curious George. Between the cost of the movie, popcorn and pop we spent $30 (a bit high to entertain a 4 year old), but this movie was worth it. Both Erin and I laughed a lot. And Jonas really had a good time. There's almost nothing better than the sound of a child laughing. I was surprised, with this being just the second weekend with the fact that there were 4 groups for a total of 12 people at the movie. If you have kids and haven't seen it, this is one that's worth seeing. The music was great! It was an original score from someone that's not overly popular, so it was very fresh. And some of the things that are funny seem like they may be more funny because they are on the big screen and show Curious George projected larger than life. We'll definitely be looking to buy this movie when it's released on DVD.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Jaden almost ready for cereal

Jaden will be turning 4 months old very shortly (in 2 weeks). This milestone brings us the joy of cereal. Ok, it's rice cereal, it's not like the boy will be going CooCoo for cocoa pebbles, or following his nose to Frut Loops. We have bought the cereal and the all important baby spoon, which was a big deal to Erin. Now what else do we need. Oh yeah, a high chair. I think we'll use the bouncy seat, at least for now. Jaden can't sit up at all by himself, I don't want him falling on his face in a high chair.

Blogger's spellcheck

I've run across several spellcheck quirks over the years. Things that I have found to be hillarious. At one time, if I remember right Microsoft was not a valid word in either Outlook or Word's spell checker, and I laughed histerricly at it.

The one that I laughed at just moments ago while posting is "blogging" is not a valid word in Blogger's spell checker. I know it's a fairly new word and not in the established dictionary, but when you create a tool that's helping to lead the way in personal content online, and you practically make the phrase blogging a common action verb, you would think that you would add it to your own dictionary.

Hilarity of government forms

Just when I felt that my blogging was getting stale a government form shows up to show me the light. Erin has received papers from the state of Illinois trying to get her to sue me for child support and threatening to remove her State medical card if she does not. She is unemployed and being supported completely by me :) and I love that she's home taking care of the kids while I'm at work. She had to fill out a questionnaire to send back whether she was going to sue for child support or not. She's not. Here are some of the standard questions.

To start with it wants the mothers birth date and her age. Hello. Isn't the age the number of years since the birth date? Maybe we can get people who know how to open a little calculator program on their computer and say if they were born in 1980 then they are 26 now. Are they trying to catch you in a lie. "Uh I was born in 1990, but I'm 18, give me cigarettes" (don't laugh if you don't get it.)

It asks for the mothers license #, hair color, eye color, height, weight, race and job. I'm not sure what the height weight and eye color are for. Maybe they plan on putting out an APB.

Then it asks for "Church, clubs or organizations Mother belongs to". Do they plan on sending the police to interrogate these people for additional information?

Next comes the fathers information with again Date of Birth and age, I'm still lying about my age. I'll tell them the right date of birth, but I'm gonna be 25 for a couple more years.

Again the License #, Hair color, eye color, height, weight, and race. You know, the funny thing is that this is an Illinois form. This same information is required when you get a license so they already have it in their database. Drivers license number should be sufficient.

The form needs both the mother and fathers make and model of car plus the license number. Again these are things that are already registered with the state.

Some other poignant questions.
"Has paternity been established for the child by a court or administrative order" if it were, would that be a state database? These people really need to learn how to check their own systems. Maybe our government wouldn't be so inefficient if it actually knew how to look for the data that it already had.

"Where was the child conceived" Ok, this one they wouldn't know. But it didn't leave an option for unknown either. It asks for City, county and state. I wanted Erin to put "in a bar bathroom", but we didn't have the space for it.

"Where was the child born", with this we put the place that the hospital is, yes it's a hospital in the state so it's in their records already. Please, get organized Illinois!!!

"Are the parents of the child married", followed by "Are the parents of the child divorced" I wonder if they mean with each other? What if I was married to person C and Erin was married to person A, then the parents of the child are married. I am currently divorced, if Erin were ... Oh heck if you need it explained then it's not funny.


That's right, in bold and all upper case it says this. You aren't expected to know who the father is, but you are expected to know where the baby was conceived. What kind of a party was this at the one location with all these different men.

Erin wanted to make sure that the state of Illinois understands that she does not want to press charges. So she decided to write a friendly little note:

"Jaden Rigney's father and mother live together. Steven Rigney is the sole provider in our home, I stay at home. We do not need a child support hearing because of the following reasons:

1. He is the sole provide
2. We live together
3. We are getting married on may 13th at 1:30 pm (if you would like to attend)"

Thank you state of Illinois for forcing us to fill out these forms, wasting our time, and our money to pay you for this service. At least we had a good laugh from it.

Happy Valentine's Day

I can't remember many of my past Valentine's. In general, they are just unmemorable. I don't know if that's because I'm the guy and the guys are supposed to be the givers, not the receivers on Valentine's or if it's just that in general my mind doesn't hold on to things that happen to me like that. This Valentine's will probably go down being one of my most memorable. I made Erin happy by giving her, what she says is her best Valentine's day ever. That made me feel very special.

Jonas also called and left me a voice mail last night to thank me for the eCard that I sent him. Then he sang me a little song that brought tears to my eyes. I miss him so much.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Yikes, taxes

I don't know about you, but I'm not looking forward to my taxes this year. I had a lot of information to give to the tax lady and I don't get to claim Jonas. I miss that little guy too. He called today while I was at the tax lady. I talked to him for as long as I could (maybe 5 minutes) before I had to focus on taxes. I was there for 45 minutes, and now she gets to enter all of the information into the computer and get back to me. C'mon taxes, big refund, big refund, no Whammy! Stop!

Well, I won't know until the middle of this week, but I pray it's some kind of refund, the money is going to help pay for the wedding that we're planning.

And to end tonight, a quote paraphrased from Yogi Berra. "That's how I keep myself positive, by not getting all negative."

Lana before the Sweetheart's dance

Here's Alana looking great before the sweetheart dance tonight. We helped her get ready and shuttled around her and her boyfriend. I hope they have lots of fun. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 10, 2006


Ouch. They say blood is thicker than water, but wood is definitely thicker than skin. I skinned my finger reaching under a couch tonight. This is what it looks like 2 hours later and clean. Posted by Picasa

Top 10 reasons nerds are sexy

#10 What you see is what you get. Nerds don't do phony.
#9 They come through for you. Nerds know all about awkward situations. They'll come to your rescue anytime you need them.
#8 They peak later. Muscles don't last; minds do.
#7 They think about sex. To paraphrase a line from Revenge of the Nerds, "Jocks think about sports. Nerds think about sex." I know who I'd rather spend the night with.
#6 They believe if something's worth doing, it's worth doing well. Think about what that means when what they're doing is you.
#5 They'll never take you for granted. Women don't line up to go out with them, so they'll knock themselves out to please you.
#4 They study--everything. While an ordinary guy might spend hours with Playboy, a nerd will more likely pick up a copy of the Kama Sutra.
#3 They have long attention spans. When something fascinates them, they can spend hours exploring the subject. Consider the implications when the subject is: you.
#2 They have small egos. You'll never hear a nerd say, "Hey, baby, how 'bout it?"
#1 They're big where it really matters. What's the sexiest part of the body? The brain. This guy has the imaginative firepower to fulfill all your fantasies, plus all the ones he's dreamed up, you lucky nerd lover, you!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bedtime routine working

Well, for the 2nd night in a row bedtime was rather uneventful. That is awesome. I don't want to cause any problems, so Erin has been doing everything each night. I would like to be able to go through the same routine with Ady, but we'll give her some more time of mom only. I want everything to be clearly established as a routine before I start putting her to bed. I still want to be there with her at bedtime. It's a very nice bonding time that I love spending with her. But I am definitely grateful that the past two nights had almost no crying.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How do you read blogs?

I've been trying to track to see how people read my blog. I created a feedburner account to allow anyone to subscribe through it, but the only subscriber I have had is myself. I also subscribe to my own blog through both Newsgator and Bloglines. On Newsgator I'm the only subscriber, on Bloglines I'm one of three. I know one of the others is my fiance, Erin.

How do you read my blog? Do you just open the page itself from your favorites or do you use another RSS reader?

My life is pretty good

I received an anonymous comment the other day "All valid complaints. However, you must keep in mind... if these are the only complaints you have than life if pretty good! I do enjoy reading your brief moments in the days of your life!!!"

Thanks for the comment. I love reading all of the comments that I get. I love reading everything. I use both Bloglines and Newsgator as RSS readers to organize the about 50 different blogs that I read daily. Not to mention the magazines, news sites, and books that I work on reading as well.

Sorry, I'm off topic, and I could delete it, but I still wanted to say it. The point of this blog is that my life is pretty good. I was talking with someone at work today and he was telling me about how stable he was as a teen, but then he had a midlife crisis and went kind of wild. He didn't think that I'd go through anything like that. I've had a pretty stable life, with the normal ups and downs that everyone goes through, but even with my hardest times, I don't think I ever had it terribly. I have had a pretty stable life. I have worked hard through school and at all of my jobs and I have a good reputation as a hard worker and I'm pretty smart. I have a good job as a computer programmer that I love and I even really like the company that I work for. All in all I'm pretty blessed with things and I do have a good life. That's why my complaints are about little tiny petty things. I'll keep blogging, you keep leaving me comments. Let me know what you do and don't like, heck it may even make me change what I blog about.

Ady at bedtime

Tonight Erin called me to ask me to bring her some things. The only strange thing, is that she was upstairs giving Ady a bath, and I was downstairs writing on my blog.

The point of this post was not about the strange phone call, but Ady's bedtime routine. We have been having a lot of trouble getting Ady to bed lately. Anytime during the day that the word bed is even mentioned she yells no and gets upset. Bedtime has been very hard lately with last night being probably the worst. Ady cried for over an hour last night. Nothing would console her. I went up and rubbed on her back for a while and thought she was asleep, but when I tried to sneak out she started balling again. Erin and I both ran to our computers (me my work laptop and Erin the main computer) to search for help on getting her to bed. She found a great site that listed 4 different kinds of fits at bedtime and one of them we both thought felt like it described Ady's fits. Basically, we think that she's being overstimulated and not able to shut her body down in order to go to sleep quietly. Tonight is the first night of her new bedtime routine. We had her sit down with us for 15 minutes or so doing nothing other than relaxing and watching American Idol, then we (Erin) gave her a bath (during which the phone call took place). She cried for a few minutes between the bath and bed, but she then quieted down and went to sleep really quickly, it was great.

Jaden 3 months

Here's a picture of Jaden at 3 months holding his head up. We're still waiting for the rollover milestone, everytime we lay him on the floor we cheer for any sideways momentum he gets. Posted by Picasa

Ady potty training

Ady has been working on potty training for about two weeks now. From the get-go she's doing pretty well. Potty training is not something that I'm very good at as a dad, and I'm worse with Ady than I was with Jonas. I think boys are easier. When Jonas had to pee, he started grabbing his thing to stop himself and I just told him that it meant he had to pee and off we went running for the bathroom. I don't see the pee dance with Ady. She'll just be sitting or running and then wham-o pee. Like I said, she does awesome. She only has one accident most days (not counting that she doesn't like to poop in the toilet). But almost all trips to the bathroom are prompted by random questions of me and Erin for her to go on the potty. It's pretty much a given if it's been about 45 minutes and we ask, she'll go. You can see from her sticker chart the success for just 2 weeks. Lots of good things here. I am slightly worried that Erin seems to have promised her everything for the next 10 years as soon as she's potty trained. Hopefully the girls don't hold me to getting it as soon as she's had one good day. I do want to continue rewarding her for having those good days though, so I'll need to work on creative rewards. I don't have many readers, but if anyone has suggestions, I'm open to cheap (let me stress cheap, it's my adopted middle name) things that I can use to reward Ady. I probably need to reward Erin too, she's the one that does all the hard work. I just have to go play with my computer all day, she has to raise the kids. Posted by Picasa

Kids creating Valentine's

Here is a picture of both kids creating their Valentine's cards. Jonas concentrates very hard when writing. Posted by Picasa

Jonas writing.

Here's a close-up of Jonas writing his name on his Valentine's cards. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 03, 2006

Complaining day

Ok, I may as well just get out the rest of my complaints, because it seems like I have them all today.

1. My shoe laces are too long. I bought a brand new pair of Champion Shoes from Target and the laces even when double knotted have the loop and the dangly both hitting the ground. These are the laces that were provided with the shoes. It's not like I accidentally bought the wrong length laces. At least if I ever need to rappel down a building I could do it with my shoe laces.

2. Is it just me or do most of you hate calling a number for support and hearing "Thank you for calling (company). [pause] Hablo Espanol (blah, blah, blah I'm not sure how to say blah in Spanish) [pause, pause, pause] For questions about billing press 1." Why do I have to wait 2 minutes before I know what the first menu option is? What is the ratio of Spanish to English speaking people in this country anyway? Does Spanish come first because most of their call-in complaints are from Spanish speaking people? And if it's that big of a deal, why don't these places just put a Spanish 800 number on the bill for them to call?

3. I have way too many logins and passwords. I have about 12 different logins and 6 different passwords. I do a pretty good job of keeping the password count down, but I'm also worried that if someone ever figures out my main password they could access about 40 different things as me. My only real reassuring thought with this is that my most precious accounts each have a different password, making it harder for someone to figure out all of them. How many accounts and passwords does everyone else have?

The shirt is in the mail

We have found and ordered the T-Shirts for the parents and the people standing up in our wedding. We found a nice cheap shirt from MLB.com and there was a 15% discount for winter merchandise, which helped, since we needed 10 of them. They look pretty nice. It took us a long time to decide what shirt to get. I'm really happy with both the look and the price of the shirt. I don't think we could have done better by going to any discount stores even.

Breathe LikeAFish

That's right LikeAFish is a SciFi guy's dream. It makes me think of Start Wars when QuiGong and ObaiWan go to the underwater world with just a little mouthpiece. That's right. LikeAFish is a tankless breathing device that extracts the air from the water. You know, if they could come up with a way to get the power from the water as well then there would be a completely Self Sustained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. I would love to go SSUSA diving, even though it doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

Ady's prayer

Ady has been leading us in prayer at dinner time. We have chosen to take a modified version of the prayer that she learned when she was going to daycare. Our nightly prayer is "God is Great. God is Good. Let us Thank Him for our food. Amen." It's a pretty simple little prayer that I feel does justice. I usually stop and say a silent prayer for additional strength and thanks.

Ady likes to lead the prayer so we will fold our hands and sit silently while she says "God is Great. God is Great. God is Great. God is Great. God is Great", then she'll stop until we prompt her with "Let us Thank him for our food. Amen"

Jonas also likes to lead the prayer when he is with us, and not too long ago he flubbed the prayer slightly to say "Let Him thank us for our food." We let it go the first meal, but the next meal he also said the same thing. He's gotten it right since we corrected him, but it still gives us a laugh every now and then.

The weather

I know, everyone talks about the weather and it's considered boring usually, but the weather man said something this morning that really ticks me off. I don't know why, but it gets to me.

"The next several days will have a high in the upper 30's with today's high being 38. It's currently 38..." I don't know why, but it gets to me when at 6:30 AM the weather man says that it is alreayd today's high. That makes the high completely irrelevant for the day. Why don't they say something like, "It's currently as warm as it's going to get and you can expect the temperature to drop to the 20's by x"? This would at least give people an idea of what to actually expect from the weather.

And while I'm ranting on weather men. Another one that really gets under my skin is "Toay's high is 38, it's currently 41". Hello!!! When it's 41, change the high for today to be 41. Or at least say the estimated high today was 38, but we've exceeded it. I think they sound stupid saying what the high is and then saying we've past it.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Jaden is Healthy!!!

After 11 and 1/2 weeks of stress, we finally have the test results. Everything is normal. Everything looks good and there are NO abnormalities at all.

The primary doctor is out of the office today, so we still have to wake him up to feed him until we have the final ok to just let him go, but Jaden is healthy!!

The results were a scary process. Jaden will forever have a circular scar on his arm from the biopsy performed November 14th. We were told at that time that results are typically back in 8 weeks and occasionally are done earlier. We never heard anything from the doctor's office unless we called pressing. We have made several calls and were still told that they didn't know. We called last Wednesday and the lady that Erin talked to told her that we weren't promised 8 weeks. That may be, but they should still be more proactive in letting us know that they are checking for us and they don't have results. This may not have been quite as trying if we would have had more communication coming from them. Today when Erin called she talked to Rich. He's a really friendly genetic counsellor at the office, but he also was not being proactive with communicating with us. He called to check on the results from Mayo and they told him that they were done a week and a half ago. "Why then did we not hear last week when we called?". We finally waited an additional hour and the results were faxed to him and he called.

I've been praying daily to the Lord to protect Jaden. Today I'm giving him all of my thanks.