Monday, January 09, 2006

New Years Resolutions

I know it's late, but that doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about them. It was actually the start of December when I started jotting notes about my new years resolutions.

Here's a run down on what I want to do in the new year.
1. Get Married. We're planning for may 13th.
2. Run more than last year. I want to run 15 miles a month, which is only 1 mile every other day.
3. Get new running shoes (mine are 1.5 years old).
4. Get new dress shoes.
5. Lift weights more consistently. I have a few specifc goals with lifiting.
a. Be able to do 100 pushups.
b. Bench 180 pounds. (currently at 100)
c. Curl 60 pounds (Currently at 40)
6. Read more tech articles (at least 1 article per week)
7. Blog more. Post 3 to 5 times a week at least.
8. Take more pictures of my family.
9. Start taking classes for my MBA, if I can get it approved through work.
10. See the Bald eagles this February.
11. Go to 3 or more White Sox games.
12. See 3 to 5 movies at the theater.
13. Go on my golf trip.
14. Lose weight. I want to be at 195 pounds for my wedding May 13th.

As I typed these up, I noticed I don't have any specific goals for the second half of the year. My workouts should continue all year and the baseball games may come second half of the year, but most of this is for the first half. I need to think longer on the topic and see if I can come up with some specific things to do later this year.