Tuesday, January 17, 2006

How not to compliment

Apparently I don't give the best compliments. We had a good dinner the other night. Erin made a turkey breast, baked potatoes and corn. I thought the dinner was good. I don't know why, but the corn really hit the spot. It tasted sweeter than normal or something, but it was really satisfying. If you can believe it saying "The corn was good" did not come out as a good compliment. Erin started talking about all the work she put into dropping a turkey breast into a crockpot and the time that it took to wrap potatoes in foil before putting them into a hot oven, but the corn, which she opened a can and dumped into a bowl before microwaving, was the compliment that I chose to give. We laughed and laughed about it that nigh, but I've been thinking about that dinner. I think she had to put more effort into the corn than anything else, so I think I chose the right one to compliment. At least now I know not to compliment the corn, unless it's on the cob, that may be a different story.