Monday, January 23, 2006

Home Improvement, kind of...

I'm not the most handy person and I tend to shy away from everything that involves fixing anything. However, there are times that I must do something. It will ultimately be better for me if I just do it. If I can just keep working on using tools and fixing things then I will have the confidence to do whatever needs to be done around the house. As it is, I feel completely inadequate when it comes to any repairs or improvements on the house.

Well, tonight I didn't really do anything with home improvement, I just hung a couple of shelves, but I was able to successfully hang 3 shelves in Ady's room, they are as level as I can get by eyeball, since I don't have a level anymore, and I did a pretty good job of getting them up. I was happy with the results, even though it took me a half hour to put in 12 screws and set the shelves up on the wall. I'll have to take some pictures and post them later.