Monday, January 09, 2006

Diet Started

I started a new diet on Friday last week. I'm taking the Special K challenge. It's where you eat 1 serving of cereal for 2 meals a day and eat a normal 3rd meal. They state you can lose up to 6 pounds on this diet in 2 weeks. Unfortunately 1 pound would fit into this claim. My goal is to kickstart my weight loss by losing 4-6 pounds in this 2 week period. My official starting weight was 220 pounds. I also bought a couple of exercise DVDs from Target last Thursday when I was there, how do you pass up on a $1 exercise DVD. I have only exercised to 1 of the 3 thus far, but it was a fairly decent 30 minute workout. The other 2 are both longer.

Yesterday I was 217 pounds. I didn't weigh myself today, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how I'm doing.