Friday, December 09, 2005

Public speaking

For the first time, in my life, I had a presentation. The only speaking I've really done was when I was in college taking a public speaking class. Even then I didn't do all that well, I ended up with an A, but it was definitely for content instead of presentation. I just don't have that natural talent for getting in front of a group of people and capturing their attention. I've spoken up in meetings, in front of lots of people, but only for a quick statement or question and even then my palms are sweaty. Today I presented a topic on C# for tracing and logging. I had prepared the topic over the previous three weeks and felt very confident in the material. I felt that I jumped around more than I had planned, but each jump was prompted by a question, so instead of continuing in the direction that I had planned, I went and answered the question and worked my way back to the path I had planned. After the class I asked several of the people who were there what they thought of the class. I was told that I had done well and the content was useful.