Friday, December 02, 2005

Fast food? Yeah right.

Has anyone else noticed the problems with Subway. I mean, I love that they make their sandwiches with only the toppings you want when you order it, but that only seems to work when each customer orders a single sandwich. I went in last night and ordered three sandwiches. The toppings lady was badgering me for toppings while the meat lady was asking me what meat and bread I wanted. I was throwing out (verbally) the toppings and sandwiches that I wanted, but the sandwich lady had to ask me more than once, I guess she wasn't paying attention, and the toppings lady was also having problems. I think I repeated everything twice. I felt really bad because after I started ordering my sandwich six other people came in and were standing there waiting. My order ended up not taking an excessive amount of time, but in the same amount of time that I did order from subway McDonalds would have had 3 or 4 people place their orders already.

It's not enough that it will prevent me from going to Subway. I like their food, and it's just as fresh in slow times as fast, but if I'm the sixth person in the line and the people in front of me are ording more that one sandwich, I'll have to remind myslef to be patient. The setup is meant to be fresh, not efficient.