Saturday, November 26, 2005

A few days with Erin's niece

It's been an interesting few days with Erin's niece Brianna. She's been interesting to get to know. I've tried to spend some time getting to know her, and she's a little shy with me. I don't feel that I've gotten to know her much yet. I keep hearing about how smart she is, but I wasn't able to see her in a situation that let her display her intelligence. She watched a lot of TV and I did a little exercise with me (I tried to get her to do more, but 3 pushups and 5 situps was all she would do). She did sit with me and play a few games on the computer, and we did some Harry Potter trivia together. I was amazed at how little of it I knew the answers for, there were some really detailed questions about minute things in the stories. It made me want to read the stories all again to see if I would do better in the trivia afterwards.

Other than that I don't really have much more to say about Brianna. She was helpful a little bit, but didn't want to help, and I didn't want to force her to help cook or anything. I tried to get her to run to the store with me this morning so we could make lunch, but she was engaged with the TV again.

I was told that she wants to learn to paly guitar and I offered her a teach yourself guitar book, but she turned me down opting instead to get a book from the library. She's pretty happy with the library, because the last time she was here we tried to give her some books (not just loan them to her) and she wouldn't take them because she could get them at the library.