Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Another good Maxwell book

I have just finished reading "The 21 irrefutable laws of Leadership". Just like his other books, this is a masterpiece of leadership. For just over a year now, I have been soaking up every bit of knowledge I can from John C. Maxwell. He may have a religious slant to his leadership and the stories he tells, but I believe that he has the right leadership develoment process in mind. My goal is to become a good leader myself and help bring others along with me. Unfortunately my current job hasn't recognized these leadership talents in me yet and promoted me to a position that I think is in accordance with my leadership ability, but at some point it will be seen. My goal though is not just to have a position of power. I want to help others. My biggest challenge in this area is that my default personality can be a bit brash. I am constantly trying to temper my response and be conscious of what I say and how I say it. Over the past two years I have made a lot of progress in this area, but there is still a long way to go. There was a really good quote on leadership in this book that I want to share.

Acheivement comes to someone when he is ble to do great things for himself.
Success comes when he emplowers follwers to do great things with him.
Significance comes when he develops leaders to do great things for him.
But a legacy is created only when a person puts his organization into the position
to do great thins without him. -- John C. Maxwell