Monday, October 10, 2005

Hockey game

Friday night I went to a Peoria Rivermen hockey game. My dad had some tickets and my mom, my dad and I went to the game. The seats were great. Center ice. 17th row. I looked right down at the center line. When I got there, a greeter handed me a magnet schedule, which is kind of cool, but it's also kind of large. The magnet is 5x8. It takes up quite a bit of space on the fridge and didn't fit into any of my pockets either, so I was stuck akwardly carrying this giant magnet around during the game. While sitting in my seat waiting for the start, the announcer stated that the first 5,000 fans were going to get a magnet. I don't know why they were telling us, we were the ones that were there with a magnet. Plus with as empty as the place was, I'm thinking they ended up having about 1,000 to donate to some school.

The announcer came back over the loud speaker to give the lineups and about half way through the Rivermen he named 2 players that weren't there. The speaker system was garbled (or the guy has a serious lisp, it sounded like a deeper voiced Harry Carry), so I couldn't make out any of the names, but I thought how terrible it must be to play for the team and be low enough in their eyes that the guys who aren't there are announced before you are. Even if they announced all the reserves first then the starters, the ones that weren't there were announced after the ones that were and before the starters.

The national anthem was ok. The crowd wasn't into like at a blackhawks game where half way through the song you can't even hear it anymore. A junior high band was playing it, so they weren't real loud, and there was no singing. The crowd was almost dead silent, which just felt wrong.

The game was awesome. Peoria started with an early power play goal, then gave up 3 in a row. They came back with 3 of their own and won 4-3. The strangest part of it was that 2 of the Rivermen goals were on power plays in which they had gotten into a fight. The thing was, the Rivermen player had a major and the Manitoba player had a minor, so the Rivermen had a power play. I don't know the justice of getting into a fight in order to give your team an advantage like that, and I think that from a fairness standpoint something just doesn't feel right about it.