Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Do I have enough goals?

I'm reading "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield and in it he says to sit down and create 101 goals. Things you want to do with your life. Don't just put little incremental things that are like a 4 yard run in football. List things that are equivalent to a 50 TD pass.

I've gotten completely out of habit of keeping my goals up to date. For a while I was doing pretty good with this, but I realize that I have gotten so wrapped up in getting through the day that I am no longer doing things that are pushing towards a goal. I'm curious how much of my insecurity about where my life is headed stems from not keeping these goals up to date and in front of me. Do you have your goals? Are you keeping them visible and trying to make your life push towards achieving your goals? Heck, I feel better and more energized just thinking about getting my goals list going again. I found it interesting that Jack (the author) said to buy a book and make it your goals book. I bought a book when I was in Colorado 10 years ago and in it on the first page I wrote that it was going to be my goals book. I was going to write all of the goals and things that I wanted to do into it. Sadly after 10 years I have only used 5 pages in this book. I think I will follow the advice that Mr. Canfield gives and devote a page to each goal. Not only stating the goal, but the reason behind why I want to do it. Maybe I'll be able to fill up that book. Speaking of which, I wonder how it's companion is doing? At the same time I bought the same book for someone else and told her to use it for her goals book. I've never heard anymore about it, I hope it was used the way that it was intended. Maybe I'll post again if I can find out whatever became of it.