Thursday, October 27, 2005

Coming around the bend is... the beginning

Almost 9 months of pregnancy. Almost all of it has been good. We've had our fights here and there, but they have all worked out for a better understanding. And now at the end, we are about to begin. I like the cyclical nature of it. You wait and wait and wait for it to be over, just so it can start. Erin is going to be induced tomorrow morning. Tomorrow there should be a new baby in our lives. I feel like he's been a part of our lives already for a while now. We've already picked a name and I've been calling him by name for probably 2 months. It just feels so natural for me to say it now.

We're naming him Jaden Patrick. At first it sounded funny, but felt right. I decided to go with my instinct and we worked together to come up with a spelling. I'm more of a traditional kind of guy and am just fine with a standard name. My name is Steven and I've loved it most of my life. Erin loves being different and creative. It's really a wonderful quality that I love a lot in her, but I was worried at how it would affect our selecting a name. When she originally said Jaden, it felt right but didn't sound right, so I had to think for a minute or two about it. Then we discussed the spelling. The traditionalist in me just couldnt' vary too far from a more normal spelling of the odd name, Jaydyn, Jayden Jadyn. These are all great spellings and will work wonderful for someone else, but I didn't feel right with that. I loved the name already though, so I wanted to work on a spelling that I also felt comfortable with. It came down to Jaden. It's simple to look at, easy for hin to learn to spell, it's something a teacher can look at and pronounce correctly and I love it. We threw out a few ideas for middle names, but my brother's middle name Patrick seemed almost a natural fit. It flows nicely when saying "Jaden Patrick" and I love my brother and wanted to honor him with the name. I still get some strange looks when I tell people what we are going to name him, but they don't last long. After they hear it once they seem to give it a second chance, and on a second look they find the name to be rather lovely.