Friday, September 09, 2005

Why blog

Before I started this, I asked myself (for about 2 months) if I should even blog.

I am a nerd and thought I could easily blog about some fun nerd stuff, but I didn't want to be lost in all the static that already exists on the web. After all, I don't work for a company that's on the leading edge of anything. We don't use the newest tools or hardware (although we aren't stone age either). Our biggest asset at work is that we are able to get each individual project out quickly. And that's awesome, but it's not a project that's out to the masses. You can't buy the stuff that I write, it's all only good internally at my compnay. So that really ruled out blogging about fun programming. Besides, most of the information about my projects is considered a company secret that I wouldn't want to let out.

Then why blog? Initially it started with me wanting to have more of a presence on the web. Why? I don't know, it's just the nerd in me. I wanted to have a website, a blog and participate in a wiki. Well, 1 out of 3 isn't bad. I don't have a website, although I have free space from geocities, I've never taken the time to set up anything. And although I have used Wikipedia as a reference for things, I've never actually felt llike enough of an expert on anything that I looked at to alter it in the least.

Then it happened. My parents kept asking me what I needed for my upcoming baby, and I thought "I can put a list of things I have and need on the web" Woohoo!! I finally have a topic to blog about. Not an exciting topic, but it's a start. Then I started thinking about blogging and what is it's purpose in general. Here's my thoughts:

Blogging is a way to put information about who you are out into the world. A blog is only useful to those who read it and initially the only ones reading it will be those that know you. It is also however a method for someone who doesn't know you to find out something about you. That whole six degrees of separation thing. If you have some kind of an interesting life and blog about it, then someone you know will tell someone they know, who may pass it on to someone else they know with similar interests, and viola, you have a new potential pen pal. Someone who is also blogging that can leave you a comment. Then you can each read about each other's lives and discuss similarities. Blogging is a more random way of finding people than using a forum or newsgroup that is focused on a single topic. The benefit of blogging though is that you can also include the link to your blog in those forums and newsgroups that you participate in. Thus you can advertise yourself and additional information about yourself to those groups of people that you already have something in common with. Some people use blogs to share their favorite news stories or to talk about the one subject that they are really passionate about.

Well, after a lot of time thinking about blogs and what they are, I decided I was a jack of all trades (no pun intended dad). I didn't think I could focus on just one subject. So I decided to create a couple of different blogs. One, my first blog, a list of things. Just a stupid list. I use it to list what I need to do on my house, have done on my house and what I need or have for my upcoming baby. I'm planning on eventually showing some before and after shots of things I did to the house. I'm also trying to think of other list things that I could put out here, I have a list of wants for me already (kind of like a christmas list). Then I decided that I could track my exercise easier when I was away from home if I did it on a blog also. Not that I really wanted anyone to know how much (or little) exercise I'm doing and how much I weigh, but I find it easier for me to look at and see when I exercise and how well I'm doing. This is going well, but it's not an exciting blog either, not something anyone else would want to read.

Finally I have this blog. I started out as a journal and was going to be a quick recap of my days, but I found out real fast that most of my days are boring. What I do is far less interesting than what I think. After all who wants to read that I played 25 games of Penguin (a freecell type game), or that I sat and watched a baseball game. It's not the watching of a baseball game that's interesting, it's what I thought about the game, or my analysis of a specific incident in the game that I found fascinating. Those are the quirks that let's someone get to know me. Those are the things that when I blog are actually somewhat interesting. So I changed the title from journal to just my name. Ultimately, this blog is me, maybe only a part of me, because I don't have time to talk about all of the interesting thoughts and things that happen to me, but it's still me.

I hope you enjoy meeting and finding out about me, and maybe you'll start to blog about you. If you do, let me know. I'd love to find out who you are and what quirks that you find interesting enough to write about.