Thursday, September 29, 2005

To Do Lists

I wrote the other day about having gotten organized. I wanted to give a quick review of the tools that I used to do that.

First, a lot of the little notes that I had were listing birthday's. So I needed a calendar to put everything. I just needed to be reminded about them ahead of time. Thankfully my Yahoo email account has this functionality built right into it. I just took a little time to get each Birthday set up, but I also won't have to worry about it as long as I have Yahoo. I have had it now since 94 I think. That was the year I went off to college and was ecstatic to set up a free email account.

Second, I had a lot of items to do. I took all of my work To Do items and put them into the Google Sidebar. Then I took most of my home To Do items and put them in a blog so my fiance could see them and prioritize them. Call me crazy but I like having someone work with me to set priorities. I also had some lower priority things that I didn't need help with, so I put these into the Notes Section of Yahoo.

I like the Yahoo notes because I can create a Note type of TODO and add each task as a separate note. The first line of the note appears when I look at the list, and I can write additional information in the rest of the note. I wish the Google sidebar had the ability to attach notes to each task. I've used Outlook, Word and Excel in the past for TODO lists, but without having them up all the time in front of me, I can get sidetracked more easily. I like that the sidebar is up and constantly reminding me of what is next on my list. It helps to keep me from jumping from one topic to the next.

I wish that the Google TODO list would incorporate in to GMail and allow me to choose whether each task should be shared or not. Then I can have some tasks shared between multiple computers that I use and others that are PC specific. I could also view all my tasks from a random PC and see if there is anything that I need to think of when I'm out of town for a weekend.

I also like Wikis for their editability, but they aren't really much better than a blog when it comes to editing a small list like this. I think a Wiki works much better for collaborating on a project where there is a lot of documentation to do and it can all be done on the web. I think Wikipedia is a great resource and start a lot of my searches there now when looking for information that I would have pulled from an encyclopedia in the past. I'm so happy with Wikipedia that I won't be paying the monthly fee to get the Encyclopedia Britannica online.

Below I list Tada List and Bla Bla list, which are both some kind of To Do list applications. I haven't used either of them, but thought I would add them to just show that there are additional possibilities out there.

Tools to use for creating a To Do List
Some posts about making a better To Do list and how to get through it.