Monday, September 26, 2005

Mini generators.

Ok. I've been saying it for years to anyone who will listen to me, and now I'm going to post it for the same reason. I think the future belongs not to the huge generators, but to mini generators. The human body produces a lot of energy that just gets wasted. I'm not a scientist so I don't know anything about the difficulties of creating any of this, but here are some ideas that I have.

  1. Windmills. We should be able to be have smaller backyard varieties of windmills. They don't have to generate tons of electricity, just some.

  2. Solar. Why isn't every roof made of solar panels. They all face up which happens to be the direction of the sun. Even if they aren't extremely efficient, that many of them would generate a lot of electricity. Is it too hard to wire them up? If they are made in mass quantities for roofing tiles, I would expect the price would drop making it more cost-effective to have.

  3. Rain. I've been thinking about rain for a long time. Rain falls and hits the roof, there should be some kind of pressure generated energy. Then it runs off the roof and down gutters, this should be able to power some kind of water wheel within the gutter or something like that.

  4. The human body in motion.

    • There should be an input device into a battery store or something in a house that every stationary bike should feed into. This will allow the exercise that we do to generate just a little of the electricity to help power our lives.

    • We walk around the house a lot. If we had the pressure sensitive generator for the roof we could put the same thing into our floors and every step by everyone in the house could help generate more electricity.

    • I don't know how, but I think that opening and closing doors should also have some potential. I don't know what kind of device would even be needed, maybe something in the hinge, but any moving item like that should be able to generate something.

I read recently about a micro device to recharge batteries based on the vibrations of a window. See it and some others in this Alternative energy methods