Monday, September 26, 2005

A long weekend painting

This weekend I had my first real painting initiation. I found out a few things. Don't paint with an old crusty roller, get a fresh one. Saturday night, I started painting with an old roller and it dripped and splattered all over the floor and the wall. It could be that I just had too much paint on the roller since it was my first time, but I think I'll blame it on the inanimate object.

I went out Saturday shopping to get the paint so I could start, and I forgot to buy new rollers, and after my old roller experience, I decided just to tape off everything for an easier job of just painting on Sunday. I looked high and low for my tape, and Erin finally found it 20 minutes later. Fate was just against me getting an early start on this room. I didn't get half way through taping it when I ran out. Of course, it was late enough that the stores were closed, so I decided a good night sleep would probably serve me better than a long drive to a town with a 24 hour store.

Sunday I spent most of my day painting. I stopped in the middle of the day to fold clothes and watch the Bears game. I was pretty impressed with their defense holding Cincinnati for so long. If the offense wouldn't have kept giving Cinci the ball in such good position we may have fared much better. I think we'll just chalk that up to rookie jitters. Kyle Orton is a hell of a quarterback, and I saw him throw great at Purdue, but I always hear how the game is faster in the pros, and he will just have to get used to it. I'm sticking to my preseason prediction of it being about half way through the year before we start to come together this year. Heck we have a rookie who's supposed to be running for us too. There was a rookie safety that was all over the field for the Bears yesterday too, I think it was Chris Harris. He was something special, he's got a big NFL future in front of him, if he can play like that.