Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Gas Prices

Strange to post this less than a week after being happy I got gas for 2.49. I bought it for $3.19 this weekend and I felt pretty happy about it being that cheap.

Granted, the price of gas did prevent me from my holiday plans. I ended up driving a lot less than I had originally planned. Maybe having driven less will help ease the use of gas. I hope that others did the same. I also slowed my car a few miles an hour (to the speed limit now). The MPG didn't change much though. I got an additional 3 MPG, 31 instead of 28 this time. I guess withe the 10 gallans of gas it saved me one gallon. Let's see at 3$ a gallon and filling up 10 times a month, that may save me one fillup a month. Wow, not bad. 30$ a month savings. That's $360 a year, which is a whole car payment. Woohoo!!!