Thursday, August 04, 2005

Work news

Work was great yesterday. On Tuesday I was able to get some more changes to my program approved. I prepped the app for deployment and it was finally pushed out at just after 4 PM.

Several good things happened. First, the new application actually ran. This can sometimes be a really big deal. Second, it ran faster, as expected. My guess was that I would save about 10 seconds per record. It had been taking 30 seconds to process a single record. There were only 265 records to process, but when it finished it had averaged 14 seconds per record. That's a 50% improvement. Someone may read this and think, "So what, you saved 16 seconds" But this will save 4 hours a day in processing. That's awesome. I have some more tweaks in the work to try and make the overall process faster still without significant code changes. I'm also working on the design for a complete rewrite that could make it a lot more efficient.

This made me feel great.