Monday, August 15, 2005

Trip to California

My trip out to sunny southern California wasn't too bad. The flight out of Bloomington left on time and landed in 28 minutes instead of the 1 hour schedule.

This made my layover in Chicago a little longer. It was a nice long walk from the landing gate to the departure gate, but I had over 2 hours before my next flight. I felt like I was out of place just walking nice and calmly along. I almost laughed watching everybody else practically running to wherever they were going.

Lunch was nice I had Panda Express right across the hall from my gate. Other than that, I roamed the airport, watched airport personel work on the planes and read in from the book I brought.

Boarding the plane out of O'Hare, was 5 minutes early. I was excited, thinking I that we could get to Orange County early and I could eat dinner at a decent time, since I was going to be eating 2 hours late already. Unfortunately after half an hour on the plane the pilot announced that we would be delayed due to some kind of communication issue between the cockpit and the flight attendants (they have forgotten how to yell, they should take a trip to a fast food joint). It took over an hour before the flight finally took off. I was extremely uncomfortable the entire time. The guy sitting in front of me laid his seat down as soon as he got into his seat and didn't set it up until he was standing up to get off the plane 5 hours and 15 minutes later.

The flight was nice, we only hit 4 or 5 small spots of turbulence. One of them was a little bigger and made my stomach drop like a small drop on a roller coaster. I was excited because the in-flight movie was "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". This was a book that I loved and a movie I wanted to see. Although the movie was very light-hearted and funny, it still did not live up to the hilarity of the books. Also there is a trilogy of books and the end of the movie just feels like there is more to the story. Strangely, Saturday night I was watching Elf and discussing with Erin that the woman that plays opposite Will Ferrel in the movie hasn't been in anything else. Then on Sunday here I am watching "The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy" and there she is again. She does a pretty good job again here.

The arrival in Orange County California was smooth. It's a nice small airport about like we have in Bloomington. Getting my bag and renting the car took no time at all. The hotel is nice and close to the airport. It took less than 5 minutes to drive to the hotel. Then I called home and went out to dinner. I didn't feel like looking around much so I took the first fast food I could find (Burger King). I ws starved. Lunch had been 9 hours earlier. I stayed up and read and watched some tv before hitting the sack. You can read about my morning exercise in my exercise journal if you are interested.