Friday, August 05, 2005

Tired of political correctness

I heard a news story on the radio tonight discussing a new NCAA Ruling about how Schools with Indian names are not going to be allowed to participate in post season tournaments anymore. I linked to one of the stories I saw about it. The story on the radio mentioned that there is one school that is allowed to keep warriors in it's name because they don't have a mascot of an indian, and there is another that is allowed to keep it's indian name because it was founded by indians.

I have an issue with this. These schools have a history of these mascots. It makes me nuts that things like this are even allowed. Being from Illinois, I have been a fan of U of I, Fighting Illini for my whole life. Chief Illiniwik is a respected mascot. I've personally met a former Illiniwik mascot. He was put through a rigorous process of making sure that the Indian things that he did would be authentic. He had to learn dances and make sure that what he did was not insulting.
It is a proud thing to be an Illinoisan and cheer for the Illini. After all Illinois was named for the Illiniwik by the French

What is next, the state has to change it's name so it's not offensive to the heritage of the people that lived here? Will it be that no school in Illinois can participate in post season sports if they bear the word Illinois?

The Florida Seminoles have asked for and received permission from the Florida Seminole Indians to use the name. They have signed documents from the Indians granting this right. Why do they have to change? The Seminoles in Oklahoma are upset. I guess the fact that they are the Florida Seminoles from Florida and not Oklahoma doesn't mean anything.

Still more...
Indiana means "Land of the Indians" Shouldn't that put all of the schools in Indiana in the same boat. The entire state needs to be renamed, it can be named 19, because it's the 19th state.

Mascots themselves.
What makes a politically correct mascot?
Indians are verbotten. Why then is it ok to have a pilgrim, demon, devil, orangemen, trojans, buccaneers, cowboys, raiders, chargers, gauchos, or minutemen? Should all mascots be animals, or some of them out of bounds as well? I haven't yet heard of a Screaming Pteradactile, but that doesn't mean that one isn't coming.

I guess to wrap up my ranting. Indians are a part of this countries heritage. We should celebrate that heritage. Is the final goal of the indians to wipe themselves completely from the map? Do they want to finish what the Europeans started when they came to this country? Or is it that they just want to be known for having casinos and being alcoholics?