Wednesday, August 03, 2005


It may not be fair, but I think James is a quitter.
Yesterday he came home from Lincoln's challenge and quit.

I'm not sure exactly the reasons, but for whatever reason, he could not follow through with a 6 month proposition. What I heard was that he was out looking for work. Good he needs to do something to gain back some respect. I hope that he gets and works hard at a job. I hope he starts applying himself in school too.

Lana asked her mom if he could live with her. Thankfully she was told no. A 16 year old does not need to live with his 15 year old girlfriend in her parents house. Or anywhere for that matter. She also asked if we would reconsider him living with us. The answer is still no.

I hope the best for the kid, but he's hurting himself by not following through on things he says he's going to do.