Tuesday, August 02, 2005

More thoughts on James

I don't want to give the impression that I think James is a bad person. I think James is nice and has a ton of potential. I worry however that he may not live up to the potential.

I've seen too often when someone has a lot going for him, but chooses indifference.

I would like to be able to help him out and offer him a place to live. His mother's boyfriend has been around off and on, and beaten James in the past. But he's 16 and has no job, and no prospects without even a high school diploma. I think the Lincoln's challenge that he's taking voluntarily is a good thing and can help to shape his life in a positive way. It can bring positive structure and mental toughness to his life.

I feel that I could be a positive influence in his life.
I would like to further his work ethic, which is already a strong point for him. I've been around when he's been helping aunt Shell, and he has had a good solid work ethic. He was extremely helpful to me when I moved into my house, as long as he was not being distracted by Alana.

I would like to further his education. I think he should continue with school and push himself mentally, but he first needs to have the intelectual desire to learn. It's more of a life philosophy than anything else. The hard part is trying to get him to understand for himself that education is good and that he can benefit a lot more from it, than he can from not having it.

I would like to introduce James to God. I know that nobody can be forced into faith and that attempting to do so will only push them away from faith. I've seen it many times with catholics growing up. But I'd like to put James into an environment where faith and openness of religion is encouraged. I would ask that he accompany me to church and discuss the bible with me. I don't have the most of the answers, but that doesn't mean I couldn't help open him up to the possibilities that exist.

There are a lot of things I think I could influence positively, but I also fear that I will end up riding him too hard and pushing him away. I after all have a stong desire to do great in everything that I do. I don't understand how others don't have the same desire.