Monday, August 29, 2005

Just a rant

Just like everyone else I want to rant about gas prices. I don't drive the most efficient vehicle, but I do drive a Chevy Cavalier and get 30 MPG. Gas prices in Springfield, Illinois today hit $3.00. I was lucky enough to fill up this morning for only $2.49. How is it that the local stores can change prices by as much as 50 cents, or 20% from hour to hour? As for fuel efficient vehicles, I am always reading about new discoveries to make something quicker and cheaper. I guess none of it is ready for mass production yet. The best we have for now is the hybrid, which is awesome. I wish I had the funds when I bought my current car, in order to get a hybrid. I will make sure that I budget properly in the future for a more fuel efficient vehicle. It's not my 30 mpg car that's the issue, it's all of those people that are driving minivan's with only one person in it, or big SUVs. I can't really explain what a Hummer is good for in central illinois, the biggest ditch can't even be fun for it. My brother is also at fault. He has a giant Chevy Yukon. He fills up at least once a week for a palty 70$ (well it used to be 70$). I complain to him all the time that he needs to sell it and buy something more fuel efficient.

Therin lies the problem. Buying something more fuel efficient will help him, but it will not remove the Yukon from the roads, it will just shift to someone else that wants it. I think there needs to be a buyback program, similar to what local communities did for guns. Buy the SUVs back and destroy them, so long as the replacement car is a fuel efficient vehicle (more than 30 mpg). Maybe you won't get a lot of takers for this, but everyone that does it will help, because it removes that one SUV from the road.

Hybrids are only the start. I think Fuel additives and alternatives need to be investigated, funded and mass produced. Rather than look for the best solution, look for other fuels that work with the engines we have. Add more Ethanol to the fuel. Find other things that burn and are cheaper to thin the gas that we have out.

Not that this will be noticed anywhere. I've yet to receive a comment, but for now, this is my complaint.