Monday, August 22, 2005

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Well, this has definitely been one of the more interesting week long episodes in my life. It's not tv show worthy, but for me it's been quite an adventure. I wonder if this is the way a hobbit is supposed to feel about adventure. They never really seek it out, it just kind of happens.

I slept in this morning. I had thought about getting up and taking advantage of the great weather one more time, but decided that I didn't want my legs to be sore for a day of 5 hours on airplanes. My adventure today had to deal with getting the rental back to the airport.

I made sure I looked at the map and directions from Avis about how to return the car. Unfortunately I didn't have exact directions from my hotel (something that Avis may want to consider in the future, afterall the hotel won't move, these should be able to be made once and then just provided to the customer based on where they are staying). The generic directions state to head south on 405 and exit following the signs to the airport. Ok, and from my map I know I have to take 55 South to 405, piece of cake. I'm on my way.

Driving along in the right lane, again because most exits are on the right. Well, there's a sign that says 405 S exit left. (Not Again!!!) I merged 6 lanes to the left and here comes my exit, at least I can see it this time, what's that sign? Oh no, Exit 405 S on the right to the airport. There's also an exit on the left. Well, I just take this one to the left then get to the airport (Wrong!). The airport exit is immediately across 6 lanes to the right. I have to go to the next exit to turn around, only there is no exit for the airport heading northbound, I remember reading the directions this morning and they have to exit somewhere else. I get off at the next exit anyway, and that's the somewhere else that they have to head. After getting turned around to go the right direction, I see the back of the airport. With my map in hand I finally find exactly where I'm at, and all I have to do is go through that stop light directly in front of me and follow the road to return the car. However, when I get to the stoplight I see 5 cop cars. I can't get into the airport, nor can I turn left. All the rest of the traffic is open, but there's a lot of people stopped up for some reason, but it's obviously not an accident, just traffic is blocked.