Thursday, August 18, 2005

California Day 4

Well, my week is almost at an end. Day 4 was the last day of training. We covered exclusively topics related to IS (which means nothing unless you work with me).

I was up early and ran again today. I spent time in the hot tub also. I went back to IHOP for lunch. I couldn't pass up another Turkey sandwich for free.

Class ended at 2 PM. Officially it wasn't over, there was a 3 hour lab for queueing, however the product that we have at work doesn't have that capability. I went ahead and left.

I decided to go to the beach. For the first time this week directions were good. I made it to the beach and was able to see the ocean (actually the bay) Parking was a pain, there is no free parking at the beach. I pulled in and starting feeding change into the machine. It says 15 minutes for 25 cents. Apparently it meant for each quarter. All other change was ignored. So for the cost of just over a dollar I got 45 minutes. I only had 3 quarters, so I had to make my beach stay short. This didn't bother me too much, I'm not a big beach person. I saw a few jelly fish on the beach, and there was a natural (man made) rock pier that I climed out on. There were some crabs and the smell of dead fish. I then walked over to the real pier. A lot of people were fishing and the main catch seemed to be Stingray. I could see a bunch of Jelly fish floating in the water too. As beaches go, it wasn't all that exciting. I was kind of surprised when I got back to my car that the meter had expired already. Well, at least it was 45 minutes of exercise, even though it was just walking.

I decided to treat myself to the first quasi-expensive meal of the week for dinner. I went to Olive Garden and had Chicken Fettuccini. I ended my night by going back to the hotel sititng in the hot tub for a while longer and laying around watching tv.