Thursday, August 18, 2005

California Day 3

I woke up early to go for another run, only I fell back to sleep. I ended up not getting up until 6:30. I was still in bed by 10 last night. I don't knwo what I need all this sleep for.

The day was fairly normal, to start with at least. I had training. Lunch was back at WingNuts again, this time I had a Hot & Spicy wings, they were excellent.

Training covered using ADO to pull docs from FileNet and using the viewer control.

But my evening was slightly more interesting. I decided to take in an Angels game. I looked it up online, and the instructor ( a soccer fan that hadn't been to an Angels game in 16 years ) tells me that it should only take about 30 minutes to get there. I was excited because I would get to see some batting practice.

Well, the instructions on how to get to the park weren't very clear. I missed my corner, which wasn't named what it was supposed to be and drove right past Disnyland. I was driving along looking for a baseball stadium and Disneyland just jumped out at me. After fighting through the crowd there, I did a very unmasculine thing. I stopped and asked for directions. I had missed it and had to turn around. 15 minutes later I am turning into a parking lot that has a great sign. No Angels event parking. I asked (for the second time in 15 minutes) where I needed to go. Apparently I was at the parking lot for the train station and I had to turn around again. But it was easy, I just had to go left, then left, then left, then park. 20 minutes later I am almost one tenth of a mile from where I asked for directions, and parked. At least parking only cost 8$.

I walked the quarter mile to the gates and buy a ticket. Field level 27$. I was about 10 seats behing the foul pole in left field in row K ( 11 ) rows up. I figured a foul home run would be right at me (it never happened). I bought a large pepsi (20 oz) 5$ and a bag of peanuts 5$ (way too expensive). Sitting in the seats I felt really out of place and let the fear overcome me and purchased an Angels hat from a roaming vendor for only 7$ (a really great price). I wish I had bought the hat 10 minutes earlier. Some of the Angels were signing autographs only one section from my seat before the game and the people in front of me had 2 signatures on each of their hats. That would have been awesome.

Some comments on the Stadium:
Angels stadium is really nice. Everything is wide and clean. The seat was actually comfortable and not too small for me. The hallways were all really clean, even the bathrooms were clean. The fans there were more excited when Mike Sciocia was announced than they were for any player other than Vladimere Gurrero. Adam Kennedy was the next most popular. I find it strange, even though I like him a lot, because he's the number 9 hitter. There was even a text message vote during the game for which player would make the best male model and Adam kennedy won with 80% of the votes.

There was over 43,00 fans at the game and 90% stayed until 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th with the Angels down 4-1. Pulling for the Angels was a little tough, but the game was exciting The Blue Jays made 3 awesome diving catches (all 3 made ESPN). There were also two awesome plays in the infield, a clean bunt that was unexpected and caught the 3rd basemen off guard and a stolen base by each team. All-in-all it was an awesome game.

Driving home was much faster, I got on the interstate, instead of taking the backstreets again, but I missed my exit. 1 mile from the exit a sign read 55 south left lane. 1/2 mile from the exit was another sign that said 55 south left lane, so I merged from the right lane all the way to left 6 lanes away. Then the exit appears on the right (AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!) I took made my way back to the right and got off at the very next exit. I wasn't sure where I was, but I thought I was heading in the right direction. After about 5 minutes I got to a street that I knew, so I made it back to my hotel without a problem at about 10:30. I had trouble sleeping and was up until after 12:30.

Day 3 was much more exciting.