Wednesday, August 17, 2005

California Day 2

I was up early again. Breakfast was pretty much the same.

I showed up early for training and checked up on my email.
Training was interesting. We went through several modules.

We learned how to delete items through code and how to unfile documents from folders. I don't think we use folders at work, so that portion won't be helpful to me.

We then used a custom context menu in the browser application instead of the built in context menu, showing us how to override this menu when writing our own applications with the FileNet Listview and Treeview controls.

Next we learned how to rename documents in FileNet and what to do to update the IDMListview and IDMTreeview.

We then used an IDM Common dialog to add a document.

Finally we played with setting FileNet properties for a document on a custom Form with our own validation for the properties. We checked to see if the field was required and forced user entry when it was. This was finally something that I found interesting thinking that I could possibly use this back at work.

I went out to a place called WingNuts for lunch. It was a hot wing place that I got a Chile Taco from. It was OK. I wasn't feeling great though, so I went to buy Ibuprofen. I walked across the parking lot towards Target and saw Henry's Foods. I thought a grocery store would have what I needed. I was wrong. This was not a grocery store. Henry's is a health food store. Half the store was fresh fruits and vegetables with a quarter of the store being vitamins, minerals, and natural remedies. I felt like asking an employee where the section was for things that cost a lot but didn't do anything.

I still didn't feel well after training so I went to my room and laid down. After a short rest (not a nap) I went out looking for dinner. I found a Chile's and just wanted something familiar so I had a quick burger around 9 and was in bed early 10 PM pacific time.

Well that's it for day 2. I still haven't done anything exciting.