Friday, July 29, 2005

Difficult Decision

I had to deal with a difficult decision yesterday. Erin's cousin Alana (15 years old) asked us if her 16 year old boyfriend James could live with us.

The answer is an unequivocal no. But I wanted to explain my reasons.

If I say yes.
  • I have a glass door into my bedroom. This will mean I have no privacy for me and my fiance, James could walk in at any time. Not a good thing.
  • Alana and James are dating. If Alana breaks up with James or fights, there will be added tension because he is living with us.
  • The only place I have for James to sleep is on the couch/pullout bed in the living room (which reduces privacy), or in Jonas' bed, which means I have no place for Jonas when I have him.
  • Having James live with us is an expense that we cannot afford. We are not in a financial position to be able to support another person.

James has dropped out of school to enroll in a program called Lincoln's Challenge Academy. This program takes high-school dropouts and puts them through a 6 month basic training/education program so they can get their GED, it also helps set them up for entry to the military.

James was at Lincoln's challenge for less than a week and came home sick. He wasn't supposed to have any outside contact for 2 weeks (even by phone). Then he was back for 1 day and called saying he was passing out and wanted to quit.