Friday, July 29, 2005

Difficult Decision

I had to deal with a difficult decision yesterday. Erin's cousin Alana (15 years old) asked us if her 16 year old boyfriend James could live with us.

The answer is an unequivocal no. But I wanted to explain my reasons.

If I say yes.
  • I have a glass door into my bedroom. This will mean I have no privacy for me and my fiance, James could walk in at any time. Not a good thing.
  • Alana and James are dating. If Alana breaks up with James or fights, there will be added tension because he is living with us.
  • The only place I have for James to sleep is on the couch/pullout bed in the living room (which reduces privacy), or in Jonas' bed, which means I have no place for Jonas when I have him.
  • Having James live with us is an expense that we cannot afford. We are not in a financial position to be able to support another person.

James has dropped out of school to enroll in a program called Lincoln's Challenge Academy. This program takes high-school dropouts and puts them through a 6 month basic training/education program so they can get their GED, it also helps set them up for entry to the military.

James was at Lincoln's challenge for less than a week and came home sick. He wasn't supposed to have any outside contact for 2 weeks (even by phone). Then he was back for 1 day and called saying he was passing out and wanted to quit.

Late night

Last night I didn't get home from work until 11:30. Ugh. I had to stay at work and deploy the Microsoft Security Updates to 4 servers. Microsoft needs to find an easier way to make those updates available. I had to go to 13 different web pages for each server in order to get these installed. I would at least like my company to download all of the installs needed so I can just run through the list in a specific folder.

I had been taking an online course in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I took the final yesterday and received a 100%. I also had a 100% on every quiz for the class. I'm pretty proud of what I've learned. I hope I am able to take full advantage of it.

Thank God for IM. Without it I wouldn't have been able to talk to my future wife at all yesterday. It's nowhere near as good as intimate face to face conversation, but it does help to fill the gap. I don't know what I'm going to do when I go to training on August 14. I think it will be harder on her than me, but I know I'll miss her a ton.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Future Step Daugher

Ady will be 2 on August 21. I'm looking forward to the party. I hope she likes everything we do for her.

Here's a picture of her and her mom being all happy together.

Dairy Queen

Mmmm DQ. I had a large Peanut Butter Cup blizzard last night and it tasted great. The evening wasn't perfect and the DQ caused a bit more of a problem than the happiness I hoped it would, but the evening was nice. I sat and snuggled with Erin watching "The Man with One Red Shoe" a great Tom Hanks movie.

We had a little discussion about my fears. I fear the most stupid thing of her going back to JR because she says she still has feelings for him. With the rest of everything I'm sure she won't, but there's still that bit of insecurity in me.

Work was good. I made some progress on my primary project and was able to leave on time.